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48th annual WBC Convention ends

By Boxing Bob Newman

WBC President Jose Sulaiman officially closed the meetings session of the 48th annual WBC convention, inviting everyone to attend the closing banquet tonight at Isla Mujeres (Woman’s Island) where a dolphin show will take place along with the dinner. Here’s a rundown of the the last day’s activity.

Photos: Boxing Bob Newman

The ring officials seminar wrap up was presented by long time ring official Tom Kaczmarek. President Sulaiman kicked off the beginning of Monday’s seminar by saying what he expected of WBC referees in every title fight.

Tuesday’s session with the judges discussed among other things judging criteria, especially effective aggression. Veteran WBC referee Bruce McTavish oversaw the referee’s seminar. Exactly 200 ring officials participated in these seminars.

Dr. Paul Wallace presented the findings of the Medical Seminar. Leading medical minds from the USA, Germany, Italy, Philippines and others were present. One hot topic that was debated at the seminar was the use of oxygen between rounds and found to be not beneficial or practical.

A research project was undertaken to study the previously discussed WBC certification of boxing gloves. Regarding the criteria which will be rated in the various glove brands, those gloves will be ranked.

Hand wraps were then discussed. Per WBC recommendation- a WBC supervisor should be present and sign off on the wrapped hands prior to the fight. The WBC referee should examen the gloves and wraps after the fight, and each should be turned over should there be and discrepancies or tampering of either item.

Mouthpiece removal of a downed fighter should be decided upon by the ring physician only, and not by the referee. There can be cases where the stricken fighter actually has a neck or jaw injury that can be worsened by incorrect removal of a mouthpiece.

Neuro-psychological testing involving fighters will be done to determine and neurological deterioration of fighters from fight to fight. A fighter should score within 10% of their last score, especially after having a loss of consciousness. A physician is not required to administer the test, but administrators of the test must be trained in doing so.

As far as medical suspensions go, a minimum of 30 days should be adhered to for not only fighting, but also sparring and exhaustive training during the 30 day period.

The referee’s brief neurological assessment after a knockdown and mandatory eight-count, the referee should step laterally to the side, and ask the fighter to look toward them and step toward them, which would not be in a straight line, thus more accurately determining the hurt fighter’s neurological status.

Candidates to enter the WBC Hall of Fame among live boxers:
Mike Tyson
Julio Cesar Chavez
Yuri Arbachakocv
Pernell Whitaker
Rocky Mattioli
Simon Brown
Tyson and Chavez were unanimously voted in.

Among deceased candidates were:
Ingomar Johansson
Edwin Rosario
Ekhard Dagge
Trevor Berbick
Ricardo Arrendondo
Efren Torres
Johansson and Rosario were also unanimously voted in.

More awards were presented as follows:

Edmund Lipinski Good Guy Award: Mike George
WBC Loyalty Award: Mauro Betti
Recognition to Hotel Staff member Grace Ochoa
Lady of the Year Award: Jill Diamond

See everyone next year in Warsaw, Poland!

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