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ABC investigating Holm-Cisneros

The Association of Boxing Commissions wants answers from the Isleta Boxing Commission in New Mexico regarding the December 4 Holly Holm vs. Victoria Cisneros boxing match. Cisneros stepped in as a late, late replacement for Melissa Hernandez who abruptly pulled out shortly before stepping into the ring to fight Holm. has obtained a letter sent by the ABC to the Governor of the Isleta Tribe asking for additional information.

December 16, 2009

Governor Robert Benavides
Pueblo of Isleta
Isleta, New Mexico, 87022

Re: Approval of Victoria Cisneros, Boxing Contestant, December 4, 2009

Dear Governor Benavides:

Members of the Association of Boxing Commissions Compliance Committee have received complaints and internet reports surrounding the Holly Holm vs. Victoria Cisneros boxing match held on December 4, 2009 at the Isleta Casino.

Members of the Committee have attempted to make contact with the Isleta Boxing Commission, however attempts have been unsuccessful. Each time a call has been made to the Isleta Tribe by a committee member they have been directed to the Promoter Lenny Fresquez or John Montano, the supervisor of the event. The Committee needs to speak with the person who is in charge of the Boxing Commission at Isleta to clear up some inconsistent reports regarding the event.

It appears as though the Isleta Boxing Commission is working outside the federal law (Professional Boxing Safety Act of 1996) governing the formation of tribal athletic commission.

§ 6312 Professional boxing matches conducted on Indian reservations

(2) Standards and licensing

If a tribal organization regulates professional boxing matches pursuant to paragraph (1), the tribal organization shall, by tribal ordinance or resolution, establish and provide for the implementation of health and safety standards, licensing requirements, and other requirements relating to the conduct of professional boxing matches that are as restrictive as –

1. the otherwise applicable standards and requirements of a State in which the reservation is located; or
2. the most recently published version of the recommended regulatory guidelines certified and published by the Association of Boxing Commissions.

The ABC Compliance Committee would like a copy of the Tribal Resolution passed by the tribe’s council creating the Isleta Boxing Commission, as well as a copy of the rules adopted by the Commission.

Reports indicate that Victoria Cisneros was approved to participate in a title fight on the same evening of the bouts shortly after Melissa Hernandez refused to fight. There are reports that Ms. Cisneros did not provide any medicals proving her ability to participate as a boxing contestant, there was no weigh-in, bout agreement, pre or post-fight medical exams or that proper medical insurance was provided to the boxers. Please provide a detailed report about the circumstances surrounding the approval of Ms. Cisneros to participate as a boxing contestant.

The Committee is satisfied that the NABF withdrew their sanction of the title fight, however, it is very disappointed that the WIBA and its on-site representative Ryan Wissow, continued to sanction the fight as a championship bout in order to collect a sanction fee.

The official results of bouts were turned in by John Montano, who is no longer affiliated with a state athletic commission. Mr. Montano’s affiliation with the Isleta Boxing Commission is undefined at this point. Please provide a detailed statement regarding the official capacity of Mr. Montano with the Isleta Boxing Commission. The Isleta has reported an indefinite suspension of Ms. Hernandez’s boxing license to Fight Fax, the Official Certified Boxing Registry of the ABC. If the Isleta Boxing Commission failed to be formed pursuant to the federal law, if would appear this suspension has no merit.

Until the Isleta Boxing Commission provides the documentation requested herein, the ABC will direct Fight Fax to list the result of each bout as a non-supervised fight and the participants will not receive credit for a win or a loss on their official boxing record.

This shall also hold true for any future professional boxing events held on your reservation and/or supervised by the Isleta Boxing Commission until your Commission can prove that you are in full compliance with the Federal Law.

Timothy J. Lueckenhoff
Association of Boxing Commissions

Jim Erickson, 1st Vice President
Greg Sirb, 2nd Vice President
Michael Mazzulli, Compliance Committee Member
David Anzara, Isleta Boxing Commission
Charles Jojola, Isleta Boxing Commission
Kenneth Jojola, Isleta Boxing Commission
Anibal Miramontes, President, Fight Fax, Inc.

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