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Adamek, Tua training together

By Przemek Garczarczyk
Photos: Mike Glabisz

Not often can you can find a coach who is training two top heavyweights at the same time. Not unless his name is Roger Bloodworth, who is currently preparing Tomasz Adamek (41-1, 27 KOs) and David Tua (51-3, 43 KOs) in Jersey City. No question it helps that they have a very comfortable gym to do it and the owner of the place is Zyggi Rozalski – the same person who takes care of the business side of Adamek’s career. Tua fights on July 17 at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City versus Monte Barrett (34-9, 20 KO) and in exactly two months, on August 21 in Newark’s Prudential Center, Adamek will test his skills against Michael Grant (46-3, 34 KO). We dropped by, to ask a couple of questions.

How tough is it to work with different fighters at the same camp? If you ask Roger Bloodworth – not really so impossible. “Those are two completely different fighters. One is 5’2 and a tremendous puncher, another is a 6’2, pure boxer, wanting to become a puncher,” said Bloodworth. “I’m following a different training regime with both guys, giving them the same amount of time. Of course, I’m running them through a separate schedule, teaching them different tactics and ideas. Only the goal is the same – to win.”

Photos: Mike Glabisz

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We also spoke to Tomasz Adameck.

You are not sparring with David Tua…

(Laughing) No, we just have meals sometimes together. It’s true, we are sharing the same ring, but never at the same time. When I arrive at the gym, Roger is finishing with David and starts with me. He is an old school, no assembly line of boxers guy – just one fighter at the time. Atlantic City, where Roger and David started preparing for his fight was not good enough for both of us. Here we have everything.

After winning against Chris Arreola in April, you will have four months between the fights. Short time for 99 percent of any top fighters, nothing when it comes to heavyweights, but the longest for you in almost 16 months. This is why you already started training a couple of weeks ago? Bored?

You know that I love to fight. This is my life and luckily my job. I think it’s perfect now – Roger believes that spending with his fighters 11, even 12 weeks helps them a lot, so we’ve already started. Slowly, just one training a day, but already working on some stuff. In about three weeks I’ll start sparring sessions. Only one break in the working schedule – I’ll spend a day in Chicago, where I will receive a Muhammad Ali Award from “The Greatest’s” daughter. This will be a special for me, no doubt.

You’re working on…

More natural, fluid movement. During the Arreola fight it was better than before, but still I was wasting too much energy. I need to be more elusive – head movement, body movement: everything has to work simultaneously. Rome was not built in one day. For ten years I’ve trained with Andrzej Gmitruk, now was the time to pick up new ideas.

One of not many complaints about your exciting, throwback style of boxing is not having enough power to beat the best guys like the Klitschkos. You were and are winning the fights, rivals after spending some time in the ring with you look – using Chris Arreola’s quote – “like Shrek.” But they are still standing…

We are working on my power, especially right hand power. When I was winning world titles in the light heavyweight and cruiserweight division, quantity of punches, accuracy was enough. It was my style and worked perfectly. Now, with the bigger guys more power is needed. I know this, Roger Bloodworth knows this. I will still be a fighter who will confuse everybody in front of me with speed and combinations, but the right hand, hitting with all the power of my legs and upper body, will finish fights. I trust Roger – the jab will prepare my victim, the right hand will finish it. It’s time for power.

You love boxing, but soccer comes as a close second. You played in your youth – any chance for you to watch some World Cup games from South Africa?

The time difference is killing me – exactly when the games are starting I’m waking up and preparing to be ready for training. I’m trying to catch some coverage whenever I can. Poland did not qualify, there’s no home country pride on the line, but I think that after all those surprises in the beginning, established powers will rule this World Cup in the end. Brazil, Argentina – those guys always play well.

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