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Arum on what’s next for Alvarado and Rios

Photo: Mary Ann Owen
Photo: Mary Ann Owen

By Miguel Maravilla

Mike Alvarado and Brandon Rios were taken to a local hospital immediately after their brutal war on Saturday night at the Mandalay Events Center in Las Vegas. That left Hall of Fame Promoter Bob Arum to handle the post fight press conference solo.

Arum discussed the fight and future for Alvarado and Rios, as well as Top Rank’s recent streak of great fights. He also took the opportunity to rip into Showtime, boxing advisor Al Haymon and rival promoter Oscar de la Hoya.

On what’s next for Alvarado and Rios:

“My first inclination was that they should each fight another fight. No tune-up fights. Real fights, because these two fights were classics that they had. You don’t have to do it right away. You could wait, they could each fight somebody and earn great purses. They’re both big stars now. Nobody lost tonight…eventually one thing that you know, as much as you know the sun is coming up tomorrow morning, is they will fight again. That being said, when they’ll fight again, interim fights and so forth, we’ll be deciding that.”

On putting Alvarado-Rios III in Alvarado’s hometown of Denver:

“We have experience in Denver. We had a kid, Cameron (Dunkin) was the manager, named Stevie Johnston and we did tremendous gates in Denver with Stevie Johnston. And one thing Denver has that most cities don’t have is that they have loads of really first class arenas. The Magness Center I remember, the Pepsi Center, and they have more now. So it’s not that difficult to get a venue in Denver and certainly it’s a possibility. And that very well may be one of the motivating factors in having them each fight other opponents because Mike told me that his dream was to defend the title back in Denver.”

On the second round of Alvarado-Rios II:

“The second round in truth was the best round I’ve seen since round one of Hagler-Hearns. It was a better round than either of the two rounds of Timmy’s fight with Provodnikov because those were more one-sided rounds, Provodnikov clearly won both of those rounds. But this second round was a classic. Another fight more recent was one of the Morales-Barrera fights (had a round) that went like that, but this has got to be maybe with Hagler-Hearns’ first round the best round I’ve ever seen.”

On Top Rank’s recent streak of great fights:

“Fans want to see action and they want to see exciting fights. That’s what the fans want. Now some people involved in boxing want to sign fighters and have them fight tomato cans and have networks pay to show those fights and it goes on and on and on. That’s not what the fans want. The fans want Bradley and Provodnikov. Lou DiBella is going to be doing a fight a little later this year with Golovkin against Macklin. Now I am a promoter, I love boxing. That fight I would pay to see. I mean that’s gonna be a hell of a fight. So I think that it’s not only us at Top Rank, I think that other promoters who don’t have a sinecure from a particular network also have that type of mentality. It’s great, great news for boxing fans, because we’re going to give them competition.

“For years, we were fed a steady diet of this kid Berto with guys that nobody remembers their names. That cost millions of dollars to one of the networks, and what did they get from it? What did their subscribers get? The finger! And some guy that used to be in the music business raped HBO and hoodwinked the public and that now is hopefully over — except maybe at the network that gives out sinecures, but they’re second so who cares? Nobody watches them anyway.”

On Oscar de la Hoya tweeting that he cancelled his HBO subscription moments before the Alvarado-Rios fight:

Oscar is absolutely one of the brainiest guys that I’ve ever known and he probably did it while he was putting on those kind of leggings….I really mean it. Who the hell is Oscar de la Hoya? He’s a moron!”

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