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Cave-Gauthier heats up

By Dave Spencer
Photo by Paul Adams

Toronto’s Shaw Festival is an annual tradition that is now in its 29th year and is set to go Tuesday with super-bantamweights Tyson Cave (23-2 8KO) and Sebastien Gauthier (22-4-1 14KO) Held in the historic Royal York Hotel, a location that has housed Royalty and dignitaries alike, it is a key annual fundraiser for the arts. Packed with Toronto’s business elite, the event hosts over 700 CEO’s and senior executives from the countries top companies including those in the financial, legal and real-estate sectors. Patrons dress to the nines in the finest tuxedos and partake in the finest brandies and at one time, smoked the finest cigars. A philanthropic event that helps fund a summer arts festival producing the works of George Bernard Shaw, a wordsmith who donned the gloves himself back in the day.

In short, it is by and large, a gentleman’s event.

While Shaw may have introduced some memorable protagonists and antagonists to the public in his many works, it’s doubtful he have picked two that are more colourful than headliners Cave and Gauthier who headline the main event of the three bout card tomorrow.

No sooner than Gauthier’s interview had hit the pages of Fightnews, Cave was on the phone firing back shots of his own in rapid succession.

“Let’s start it off like this,” said the NABA champ cutting straight to the chase, “I want Sebastien to call me or email me to say thank you, for me making him relevant again, because I’m the guy who’s relevant, not him. I was prepared to be a nice guy about this thing but he started going on about how he’s going to knock me out, he hasn’t knocked nobody out in his last four fights, I’m the guy knocking everybody out, I’m the guy with the ranking.”

Since the retirement of two-time world champion Steve Molitor, the pair have been two of a select few who have graced the ring in the lighter weight categories in Canada and have been destined to meet each other for some time. I’ve been chasing him ever since I was pro,” said “The Prince of Hali” who turned pro in 2006. “I beat him the amateurs, he beat me once at the Nationals when I had a broken hand, we can all confirm that, he knows I had a broken hand and he beat me by one point, and THEN, they would never fight me again afterwards and he went back down. He’s a nice guy but I hear him talk a lot of trash so I’m going to beat him with the verbal punch before I beat him in the ring.

“Sebastien knows that the only reason they’re taking this fight is because he is not relevant and that the only way he can climb back into contention is beat me. They’re just cashing him in; Interbox is cashing his ass in. Interbox has all sorts of money and you’re not world champion? What’s up? Why aren’t you world champion yet?

Cave takes no time is responding to his own question, “Because he can’t win the big fights. And this is a big fight. This is why they put this fight in Ontario, why isn’t it on a Pascal undercard? Why isn’t it under the big lights? Because they know what I’m going to do to him, I’m going to embarrass him.”

The Halifax fighter is begrudgingly willing to tip his hat to Gauthier for taking the fight, but that’s as far as it goes. “I will give Sebastien credit, where credit is due, I am the most ducked super-bantamweight in the world right now, guaranteed. Ask anybody, they know I may fighters look bad and I beat them; nobody says I make them look pretty, but I beat them. Sebastien is stepping up and Sebastien will get beat that night, so I have to take my hat off to him, he is stepping up. The only reason he’s stepping up, and it is that because they have no one else for him to fight. Who wants to see him fight? Who wants to see him walk around like a robot, throw big punches and get tired after the fifth round? Nobody.”

Cave who holds the #8 spot in the WBA is hoping a victory will inch him closer towards the top, but that reaching the top has been a difficult climb. “We’ve already come to terms that (regular WBA champ) Scott Quig isn’t going to fight me. The offered me the fight, my contract was signed and they pulled out because their team knew they could not beat me. The plan right now is that I might drop down to 118, I have a great team right now, I’m here to work and I’m here to fight the top guys in the world, but first I got the Canadian business to deal with. I’ve got to silence some critics once again, something I’ve always been doing. When I turned pro, they said I wouldn’t go nowhere, but here I am, ranked eighth, five titles later, fighting for another title (NABA Canada).

He says he doesn’t fight for titles, obviously, because he’s got none. I fight for titles, I fight for them. I make them miss, they get tired and then I stop them. I have three stoppages in a row, I’m going to stop Gauthier, put that in there too.”

Cave has stoppages in his last three fights, all within four rounds, including Jovanny Soto who brought him to the scorecards after ten rounds in 2012. “I didn’t take things seriously before, I take things seriously now. And it’s not that I knock you out with one punch, because I never do, but I put the punches where they’re supposed to be, and I beat them down and they’re mentally worn down, from missing, which Sebastien does a lot. Then they get hit, which Sebastien gets hit a lot.

“He’s been on Facebook saying I run a lot, it’s not called running Sebastien, its called boxing. Sebastien needs to try it. Ask him next time you interview him, tell him to try and box, try to box and you wouldn’t keep getting KO’d. Tell Sebastien my hands will be down and my chin will be in the air.”

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