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Conte blames contaminated supplements

Former BALCO chief Victor Conte, who has been working with Andre Berto, is tweeting up a storm on the topic of Berto testing positive for a forbidden steroid. Here’s some of what he is saying…

“Andre Berto’s postive test for nandrolone has absolutely nothing to do with me or any supplements I provided. Likely trace contamination.”

“Andre has admitted to taking supplements other than what I provided without my knowledge. Apparently, something was contaminated.”

“This shows that VADA is highly effective. I encouraged Andre to enroll in VADA & he comes up positive. An investigation is being conducted.”

“Several hundred positive tests for nandrolone. I don’t believe they are from using it with intent to cheat. Always from trace contamination.”

“Lots of uneducated people. Nandrolone is the longest lasting steroid known to man. No athlete would ever use it with intent to cheat.”

“My understanding is that Howard Jacobs has been retained to represent Andre in the case & he is doing an investigation& will make statement.”

“Nandrolone is known as the “kiss of death” steroid. Stays in body from minimum of 6 months up to 18 months. No athlete uses it to cheat.”

“Andre has admitted that he was using additional supplements that were no provided to him by me. Will all come out as a part of the process.”

“Cross contamination occurs when equipment is not cleaned properly between runs of different supplements or even underground drug labs.”

“I encourgage my fighers to do VADA testing & will continue to do so. Boxing is now learning lessons that Olympic athletes learned years ago.”

“Hundreds of Olympic athletes have testing positive for traces of nandrolone. I do not believe any of them injected it with intent to cheat.”

“Sometimes you can’t protect people from themselves. I have advised boxers not to take different supplements, but they don’t always listen.”

“I have recently warned several elite boxers about taking supplements I believe are not effective & possibly contaminated. Not all listen.”

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