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Derrick Findley explains failed drug test

By Derrick “Superman” Findley, #1 Gatekeeper
Photo: Tom Barnes/Tomba Images

This is Derrick Findley and I just wanted to set the record straight in regards to my failed drug test on 9/13/13. I fought on 8/24/13 against Gilberto Rodriguez and my tooth got cracked during the fight. I came home and went to the emergency room for my tooth because I was in so much pain on 9/3/13. The doctor prescribed me Tylenol 3 w/Codeine for my pain and an antibiotic. I don’t usually take medication and had no idea what codeine was all I know is it was prescribed for my tooth pain.

I was notified on 9/27/13 that I failed the drug test due to Codeine being in my system and was informed that I would need a doctors note or be subject to suspension and a fine. I immediately asked the ER for a doctors note and they said it is against hospital policy and that I would have to get the note from my family practice or a dentist so I made an appointment with my dentist 9/30/13 showed him my prescription he examined me and prescribed more antibiotics because there is still an infection in my cracked tooth and also prescribed the same Tylenol 3 w/Codeine.

I have never taken any drugs. I don’t drink or smoke. I took medication that was prescribed to me by a doctor for my tooth pain that is all. I have fought the best in the world and had drug test for many fights and have always come up clean. My doctor also told me that Codeine is a downer that will make you groggy and not alert.

So this should have, if nothing, given Mike Jimenez the advantage. He was no match for me I wasn’t worried about this dude at all. I fought one of the hardest punchers in the division and walked through it so why would I worry about a dude that hasn’t fought anyone but bums that slap with almost every punch.

I think the person that told him it was a good idea to fight me doesn’t know anything about boxing cause I am way above his level. The fact that he was undefeated was because of his promoter finding bums for him, not because he has any skill. I beat the hell out of that dude he didn’t belong in the ring with me, he was totally outclassed.

Now they come with this crap because I was prescribed medication? For the record for anyone that’s out there talking about steroids and saying I look took muscular, I have never taken steroids and get your facts straight. I failed because of Tylenol W/Codeine, and as far as me looking bigger then usual I am fighting in a bigger weight class so of course I try to eat more to stay heavy so that the guy across the ring isn’t too much bigger then I am.

I workout daily. It’s a lifestyle. My house is a training camp. This is what I do because I love it and it puts food on the table. It’s not about training only when I have a fight because people call me with short notice fights all the time so I have to be fight ready all the time.

I haven’t got a fair shake in this game but I don’t complain. I just work harder and keep moving. This is no different. I have sent the commission my doctor’s note and my ER release paperwork to prove this medication was prescribed to me.

I beat Mike’s ass and would do it again if they wanted me to. I didn’t/don’t need any help to walk through him over and over again. He is not ready, he has a lot to learn, and he is still at an amateur level. I don’t know what they see in him at all.

I fought the baddest in the world to get the name I have in this dirty game. I go to people’s backyards almost every fight and never look for a handout to win. I have been beat and I have been robbed by some of the best in the world. Didn’t need to cheat them so definitely didn’t need to cheat this bum. That’s all I have to say about this. Just know that nothing’s going to stop my shine and I am always going to continue to fight my way to the top.

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