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Full Report: Carrillo-Holguin

By Chris Morris / Rocky Mountain Boxing
Photos: Michael V. Ornelas

In front of a sold out crowd hometown favorite Raul ‘El Chino’ Carrillo was able to survive a tough test from Cesar ‘The Rattlesnake’ Holguin winning a majority decision over eight action packed rounds. The co main saw John Grimaldo have his way with Juan Santiago putting him down three times en route to a TKO victory. Credit to Raul ‘Ro’ Utajara and Ghost Town Gladiator’s matchmaking as the undercard was evenly matched and produced some great action as well. Fans were on their feet cheering nearly the entire night.

Raul ‘El Chino’ Carrillo (11-1, 6KOs) survived a tougher than expected test from Cesar ‘The Rattlesnake’ Holguin (9-4-1, 3KOs) earning a majority decision in his hometown of Longmont, Colorado. There was no mistaking who the hometown fighter was as the ‘El Chino-El Chino’ chants started early and seldom stopped throughout the eight round battle.

Holguin, 143.6, started quickly and landed some hard shots in the first round even stunning Carrillo, 144.4, with a nicely timed right hand as Carrillo was coming in. Carrillo concentrated his attack on the body with wide hooks that landed. Holguin was busier, landed the more significant blows and won the opening round.

Carrillo got on track in the second as he landed a long 1-2 from distance followed by a nice left hook. Holguin was game and fought back. Holguin switches to the southpaw stance and starts to find a home for the straight left as he times Carrillo on his way in. Carrillo wins the round on the strength of his hooks and uppercuts which set Holguin on his heels at times.

Carrillo looks energized to start the third round and he lands lead right hands, perfect for Holguin as a southpaw, dominating the round. He lands a hard lead right near the end of the round to solidify the round and opens a cut on the inside corner of Holguin’s left eye. Carrillo continues in the fourth frame, although it was a bit closer, Carrillo takes the round with hard shots. Holguin is game and starts to work the body but it’s too little too late.

Holguin carries his momentum from late in the fourth into the fifth winning the round by timing Carrillo with lead left hands. Carrillo is off balance and falls in with his punches and Holguin begins to make him pay.

Rick Lopez has the cut pretty well under control by the start of the sixth round and Carrillo shows some swelling under his right eye. Holguin pins Carrillo in the ropes and does his best work from close quarters, digging the body with hooks and timing the left hand leads, before switching back to orthodox. Holguin lands a straight right followed by two hooks to the body to win the round. The FightNews/RMB card is even after six rounds.

Carrillo senses the fight slipping away and picks up the pace in the seventh. He lands a hard overhand right to open the round followed by a right hand counter. Holguin snaps his head back with a jab but Carrillo is coming on strong.

Both fighters are looking to finish the fight strong knowing the fight is on the line in the last round. Carrillo goes back to the body while Holguin is doubling his hooks to the head and body. Both men are showing signs of fatigue and Carrillo lands a bomb that sends Holguin’s mouthpiece to ringside. Each man benefits from the down time as referee Stephen Blea halts action to replace the mouthpiece. Carrillo finishes the fight banging away and wins the round and fight on the FightNews/RMB card, 77-75. Judge Ed Kugler sees it the same at 77-75 while Tyrone Short has it even at 76-76. Judge Steve Waldman saw Carrillo winning 79-73 or 7-1 in rounds and although that card was a bit wide, the right man had his hand raised at the end.

Grimaldo Dominates Santiago

John Grimaldo (9-2, 6KOs) was impressive while dominating Juan Santiago (13-10-1, 8KOs) for just over four rounds of the scheduled six rounder. Grimaldo punished Santiago with left hooks, amounting to three knockdowns and a grizzly looking cut over Santiago’s right eye.

Grimaldo, 144.8, looked very sharp landing his quick and accurate combinations while Santiago, 142.6, couldn’t avoid the big left hooks that led to his demise. Grimaldo was aggressive to start the fight and quickly found a home for the left hook and straight right hand. Santiago looked to establish his jab and landed some nice shots of his own. Grimaldo wins the round being a bit busier.

Grimaldo starts to take over in the second landing the left hook nearly at will. Santiago absorbs some heavy leather before before taking a counter right hand that puts him on the seat of his pants. He’s more stunned that hurt and easily beats the count but loses the round.

Santiago has a better round in the third landing three left hooks to the body and head. Grimaldo can’t miss with the left hooks as Santiago is just a little lazy with his right hand after throwing it, bringing it back to his chest rather than chin. Those couple inches made all the difference in the fight. Grimaldo seems to be loading up looking for the big knockout allowing Santiago to outwork him and steal the round.

Grimaldo is all business in the fourth as he lands a chopping left hand to the chin of Santiago sending him to the canvass for the second time. Santiago shows grit and heart getting up and fighting hard to stay upright for the remainder of the round. Near the end of the round Grimaldo lands a 1-2 and another straight right that opens up a cut over Santiago’s right eye.

Grimaldo opens the fifth with another left hook that drops Santiago again and referee Stephen Blea mercifully steps in to save Santiago from himself as he would have continued to get up and take everything Grimaldo hit him with. The end came at :35 of the round.

Calzada vs Herrera Worthy of a Rematch

Daniel Calzada (7-6-2, 1KO) earned a close and competitive decision over Marcos ‘All Heart’ Herrera (6-9-1, 2KOs) in a fight which is more than worthy of a rematch. They gave fans their money’s worth for sure.

Herrera, 136.4, opened the bout in the ‘Philly Style’ with his left hand low using the up-jab to keep Calzada, 139.2, at bay. Herrera used his legs and boxing ability to keep Calzada off balance and chasing. After getting hit with a double jab and hook to the body he decided to make it a ‘fight in a phone booth’ and they went to war in the center of the ring to the fans delight. Herrera landed a hard right uppercut and left hook that carried the round on the FightNews/RMB card.

It was more of the same in the second as Calzada put his best effort into slowing Herrera down with hard body shots. Herrera starts to land his 1-2 while slipping Calzada’s bombs edging out another very close round that could have gone either way. FightNews/RMB scored it for Herrera.

In the third round Calzada started to close the distance and began catching Herrera who was slowing down a bit. Calzada continued to focus on the body and it was paying dividends. He used a jab to get inside then banged away with hard hooks. Calzada lands a big overhand right and doubles to the body winning the round although it too was very close.

Calzada is finding his rhythm in the fourth going downstairs and back up top again sending Herrera to the ropes. He’s also finding a home for his inside uppercuts and begins to take over some. Herrera is looking the worse for wear and Calzada wins the first clear cut round of the fight.

Both fighters realize the fifth will probably decide the fight and they come out trading bombs, Calzada to the body and Herrera to the head. It’s a war of attrition, who wants it more?

Calzada is now wading in with hard hooks while Herrera is throwing flurries and landing but with little effect. Herrera gets pinned to the ropes and tries to lean back out of harm’s way opening him up for the overhand right. Herrera spins off the ropes landing a left hook. Calzada bloodies his nose to end the bout in another round that could have gone to either fighter.

FightNews/RMB scores the bout 48-47 for Calzada. Judges ringside Ed Kugler, Tyrone Short and Steve Waldman are all in agreement scoring the fight 49-46 for Calzada. This was a great fight.

Ibarra Gets Glenn Out of There

Raul Ibarra (9-3-1, 5KOs) was on point punishing Michael Glenn (2-6-2, 1KO) over four rounds with precise power punches. Ibarra is now 2-0 in his comeback. Ibarra had an ‘all star’ corner for this fight with local legend trainer Dickie Wood and one of the best cutmen in the business in Jim ‘Smitty’ Smith handling him between rounds.

Ibarra, 185, used his jab and fast hands to outwork Glenn, 189, in the first round of the scheduled five rounder. He was able to trap him in the ropes and throw flurries of combinations that Glenn had no answer for. The second and third were more of the same as Ibarra was simply too skilled for Glenn. Ibarra used combinations and good movement to keep Glenn from mounting much of an attack.

Ibarra eventually wore him down, Glenn was visibly tired with his mouth wide open, putting him down with flurries that forced Glenn down on all fours. Ibarra smells blood and goes in for the kill unloading bombs from all angles for knockdown number two. The fights ends with Glenn pinned in the corner taking hard shots and falling through the ropes. Referee Tom Johnson waves it off at 2:58 of the fourth round.

Escamilla Impressive in Pro Debut

David Escamilla (1-0) was very impressive in his pro debut win over tough as nails Jesus Pacheco (0-3). Escamilla, who fights out of the same gym as Mike Alvarado, Delgado’s, is a tall and rangy southpaw with good accuracy. He lands hard left hooks and a nice straight left to the body. Pacheco has the right idea using the straight right on the southpaw and lands it well. Escamilla wins the round.

Escamilla, 123.4, uses good footwork to walk Pacheco, 125, into hard straight lefts. Escamilla’s corner gives great advice telling him to keep his foot on the outside, lining up the left hands. Escamilla starts doubling up his punches and rocks Pacheco. Pacheco lands a nice straight right to end the round but it’s not enough to win it.

Pacheco lands a nice 1-2 in the third but shortly thereafter Escamilla lands a counter left hook that puts Pacheco down. Escamilla looks to close the show and traps him in the ropes landing a flurry that nearly prompts referee Stephen Blea to stop it as the bell rings. Escamilla dominates the final round taking over while Pacheco takes his first backward step of the fight trying to stay out of danger. Escamilla finishes strong landing three big left hooks in a row.

FightNews/RMB scores the bout 40-35. Judges Ed Kugler, Tyrone Short and Steve Waldman are in agreement with the same score.

Nebraska’s Beast Bests Burton

The opening bout of the card saw Nebraska’s Rene ‘The Beast’ Marquez (2-0, 2KOs) start slow but finish strong forcing the son of former world champ ‘Lightning’ Lonnie Smith, Lynel Burton (0-2), to quit on his stool between the second and third rounds.

Burton, 142.6, used his significant height advantage in the first round moving well and peppering Marquez, 142.8, with jabs. Marquez gets under some of the shots and goes to the body but Burton wins the round. Marquez starts closing the gap in the second and lands hard shots to the body and head. Burton tries to jab to keep him off but is quickly running out of steam as Marquez is gaining it. Marquez continues to stalk him for the remainder of the round as Burton is reduced to holding. Marquez wins the round but it’s a moot point as Burton refuses to answer the bell for the third round giving Marquez the TKO win.

‘Mile High’ Mike Alvarado was in attendance and entered the ring during the intermission. He was very gracious in saying he was there to support Colorado’s up and coming fighters and encouraged the fans to always do the same. He went on to say he would make the necessary adjustments to win his much anticipated rematch with Brandon Rios. He finished by saying “It’s going to be another great fight, World War 2, don’t miss it” and said he will give the fans their money’s worth come March 30th.

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