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Full Report: Robinson-Nahr

By Rick Scharmberg at ringside
Photos: Courtney Gale/

“The New” Ray Robinson (17-2, 7 KOs) won the vacant USBA welterweight title with an electrifying stoppage of Ray “The Emperor” Nahr (26-3, 21 KOs) at 2:33 of the seventh round of the scheduled twelve round bout at the Bob Carpenter Center in Newark, Delaware. Robinson applied a brutal body attack before dropping Nahr twice in the seventh. Nahr got up, but Robinson unloaded a series of unanswered power shots on Nahr along the ropes, forcing referee Malik Waleed to stop the bout.

In the co-feature, Samuel “Unbelievable” Kotey Neequaye (21-0, 15 KOs) won the NABA lightweight title with a brutal ten round unanimous decision over defending champ “Dangerous” Dorin Spivey (42-7, 30 KOs). The bout was a war from the opening bell, with Neequaye landing a little bit more than Spivey each round, and landing the more telling shots overall. Spivey was down briefly from a left early in round five, but he appeared to be off balance when he got hit.

The scores were 98-91, 97-92, and 96-93 in favor of Kotey Neequaye. An estimated crowd of 1,500 witnessed the first-ever event at the venue, which is located on the campus of the University of Delaware.

Ray Nahr was coming off a high profile, nationally-televised win over Ronald Cruz, and his confidence was running high. Robinson, though, was able to follow his trainer’s advice and make the adjustments that made the difference.

Robinson, a southpaw, started fast, bolting out of his corner and went right after Nahr’s body with a left. Nahr countered with a right to the head, and then jabbed to Robinson’s body. Narh scored with two left hooks followed by a hard left and right to win the opening round.

Nahr landed single shots to Robinson’s lanky body in round two, but Robinson stayed upstairs with his jab, and landed a big left midway through the round. Robinson’s trainer, Bozy Ennis implored Ray to use his uppercut, and he landed a nice one at the bell.

Robinson landed four lead left hands, followed with a right uppercut to open round three. Nahr went down from a slip in the opening minute, and was met with two hooks followed by a left uppercut from Robinson when he got up. Nahr was advancing, but not firing anything significant, and got caught with a big lead left hand at the bell.

Between rounds, Ennis instructed Robinson to focus on the body of Nahr, which he did throughout round four. Although the round as close, Robinson stole it with a solid five-punch combination in the final seconds of the round.

Nahr countered a left from Robinson with his right, and then followed up with a hard right. Robinson fired two jabs before digging three hard lefts to the body of Nahr. There was a nice exchange in the middle of the ring before Robinson closed the round with a hard left followed with a left-left-right hook combination to finish the round strong.

Round six saw Nahr work Robinson’s body, and Robinson firing uppercuts with both hands on the inside. Robinson landed two hard rights to Nahr’s body in what was a close round.

Robinson landed two jabs followed by a hard left to open the dramatic seventh round. Robinson fired right back and dropped Nahr with a left-right-left combination less than a minute into the round.

Robinson patiently stalked Nahr, landing hard body shots and a left uppercut, before dropping Nahr a second time with a left-right combination. Nahr went through the ropes and landed on the ring apron and press table, and barely made it back into the ring.

Robinson went after Nahr again, trapping his wounded prey on the ropes and raining down power shots on him until referee Waleed stepped in and stopped it. Robinson claimed the vacant USBA welterweight belt with the win.

Kotey Neequaye wins a war against Spivey

At the age of 40, Dorin Spivey is a physical marvel. And after going ten bone-jarring rounds with unbeaten Kotey Neequaye, he demonstrated that his chin is made of marble.

When the opening bell sounded, Spivey and Samuel Kotey Neequaye collided in the center of the ring and took turns trading their best shots for the next 30 minutes.

Throughout the fight, Spivey gave nearly as much as he got, but Kotey Neequaye clearly possessed the heavier hands. When he landed on Spivey, the thudding sound of his shots resonated throughout the arena.

The first two rounds were close, with the first being really tight. The second round had to go to Kotey Neequaye, who started landing his clubbing left hook. Spivey dug to Kotey Neequaye’s body, but Samuel always returned fire with something harder.

Kotey Neequaye started even faster in round three, opening with two jabs, two rights to the head and one to the body, and then another hard right to the head. Spivey landed a hard left to the body, but Kotey Neequaye landed two heavy left hooks to the head and a solid right to the body.

The crowd waited for Dorin to fold, because even the shots Kotey Neequaye would partially land packed power. Instead, Spivey would come right back with well-placed combinations to the head and body. His punches just didn’t carry the weight of his opponent’s. Round three ended with both guys trading without abandon.

Round four was a big one for Kotey Neequaye. He worked Spivey’s body with both hands, and then went back to the head with hard left hooks. Spivey stood in and used his experience to get himself out of trouble. Undaunted, Kotey Neequaye kept his deadpan expression and landed a hard overhand right and then a big left hook to close the round.

Kotey Neequaye scored a flash knockdown in the opening seconds of round five. Spivey’s feet seemed to be off balance when Kotey Neequaye caught him with a left. Dorin offered a brief protest to referee Vic DeWysocki. The knockdown was legit, but Spivey was not hurt.

Round six was another close one, with both fighters landing nice three-and-four punch combinations. Kotey Neequaye did his best to steal it with a right-left as the bell sounded.

Round seven saw Spivey boxing more and using is jab, and Kotey Neequaye relying on his left hook. He landed a nice double left hook-right hand combo, but Spivey answered with a five-punch volley to end the round.

Rounds eight and nine saw Kotey Neequaye continue to stand in front of Spivey and punch non-stop. Samuel worked his left hook and right hands in combination, and Spivey used his lighter, multi-punch combinations without taking a backward step. There was some nice trading to close round nine. Kotey Neequaye won both rounds.

Round ten was another Kotey Neequaye round. Spivey opened with three jabs, but Kotey Neequaye countered one of them with a right. Samuel then fired single left hook and right hand bombs to keep Spivey honest. Dorin came back with a hard right-left, followed by two nice rights as the fight ended.

Kotey Neequaye took the unanimous decision and the NABA belt. Spivey might have moved a bit more in an attempt to tire Kotey Neequaye, but the ring was a small one and favored the puncher. It was Kotey Neequaye’s biggest win by far, and Spivey’s warrior demeanor set an example for the younger fighters on the show.

Goyco upsets Filippone

Taneal Goyco (5-6-1 2 KOs) scored the biggest win of his career, scoring a majority decision over Frankie “The Freight Train” Filippone (14-3-1, 2 KOs) in a six round light heavyweight contest.

Tall and lean and Philly-tough, Goyco started slow against the crafty southpaw Filippone. Frankie used his unorthodox style to slip Taneal’s shots, and then answer with straight left hands. Filippone landed a four-punch combination halfway through, and then a nice counter left. He closed the round with a right-left-right combination to Goyco’s body.

Round three was razor thin, with Goyco getting close enough to the slippery Filippone to land enough lefts and rights to take the first half of the round. Filippone came back with a nifty four-punch combination to the head, a left to the body, and a double right hook-left hand combination to the body to take the second half of the round.

Round four was another one that was too close to call. Goyco continued to land on the normally shifty Filippone, while Frankie used a four punch combination early on, and then landed a hard right hook to Goyco’s body. Goyco did some body work as well, and Filippone landed a nice left uppercut at the end of the round. Rounds three and four were pivotal rounds because they were so close.

Goyco focused his punches, particularly the right hand, to Filippone’s body in round five. He also landed rights to the head, while Filippone landed several solid counter lefts throughout the round. Goyco finished the round strong by going to the body, and did enough to win it.

Filippone had his best round since the opening round in the sixth. Goyco continued to pound the body in the opening minute, before Filippone landed a nice left followed by a big right hook. Filippone stunned Goyco with a right-left-right combination followed by a left uppercut that had Goyco holding and cut in the corner of his left eye. Filippone finished real strong, but ended up losing the fight by a single round on two cards.

The scores were 58-56 (twice) and even at 57-57.

Tiberi squeezes by Rodriguez

“Jolt’N” Joey Tiberi (10-1, 5 KOs) entered the ring against Miguel Antonio Rodriguez (1-6) to the loudest cheers of the night. He started fast, and quickly found a home for his right hand against the short and squat Rodriguez. He landed straight rights and some clean overhand rights as Rodriguez tried to get to the only place he could be effective – on the inside.

Tiberi introduced Rodriguez to his left hook in round two, landing it cleanly and frequently, and mixed in another overhand right for good measure. Rodriguez landed a single left to Joey’s body, but not much more.

Rodriguez finally found himself on the inside in round three, and Tiberi found himself fighting Rodriguez’ fight. Rodriguez landed a right to the body, and Tiberi landed a left hook followed by a nice right. Rodriguez came right back with a clean left hook-right hand combination, while Joey landed a left hook at the end of the round. There was not much to separate them in what was a tight round.

Round four opened with both fighters trading shots. Rodriguez kept his head on Tiberi’s chest, and landed a big right uppercut to the chin. Tiberi landed a solid right that cut Rodriguez in the corner of his left eye. Rodriguez scored with a left hook, and Tiberi with another right as the bout ended.

The bad news is, Rodriguez was able to neutralize Tiberi when he got inside, and nearly fought him to a draw. The good news is, Tiberi won the majority decision by the scores of 39-37, 39-38, and even at 38-38.

Joey will fight next on August 23 in Dover, Delaware.

Douglas stops Wisdom

Omar “Super O” Douglas (9-0, 7 KOs) dropped late sub DeWayne Wisdom (3-12, 1 KO) three times, stopping him at 2:24 of the third round of a six round lightweight contest.

Douglas was all over Wisdom from the opening bell. He used his uppercut early, using it to knock Wisdom’s mouthpiece out. A big left from Douglas forced Wisdom to hold with about 30 seconds left in the round.

Omar landed a left to the body followed by a right and left that forced Wisdom to hold early in round two. He followed a two-punch Wisdom combo to the body with a four punch combination to the head. Then Douglas shifted to his patented body attack. A big series of body shots forced Wisdom down to a knee with about a minute left. Douglas continued to unload in an effort to score a stoppage, but Wisdom showed grit by making it to the end of the round.

Wisdom opened round three with a left to the body followed by two right hooks. Douglas answered with two right-left combinations, a left to the head and then landed a hard left to the head and a hook to the body that dropped Wisdom again. Wisdom got up again, but Douglas trapped him in a corner and battered him to the floor for the third time, prompting referee Malik Waleed to wave it off.

Like Joey Tiberi, Douglas will enter the ring again on August 23 in Dover, Delaware.

Farmer decisions Marengo

In the opening bout, Andrew “The Doo Man” Farmer (17-2, 7 KOs) overcame a slow start to win a split decision over Hector Marengo (5-5-4, 3 KOs) in a six round junior welterweight bout.

Farmer used his jab and lead right hand to take the close opening round, but Marengo came back in round two. He did a nice job of blocking Farmer’s jab, and worked his body with his left. In the final minute, Marengo landed an overhand right that forced Farmer to hold.

Round three had some nice trading, but Marengo once again got the better of it. He continued to counter Farmer’s jab with right hands, and landed several more rights to the body. There was good two-way action in this round, but Marengo had the edge.

Marengo boxed well in round four, and landed a big right hand in the opening seconds. Farmer landed a nice counter left hook before going back to basics with his jab. Both fighters had their moments, but this was a more tactical round, which favored Farmer.

Farmer came out more aggressive for round five, landing a hard left and then a big right-left combination. Farmer came right back with a hard left hook before Marengo could get set. Farmer then boxed his way to the end of the round using his sharp jab. Farmer’s skill advantage had taken over the fight.

Sensing his advantage, Farmer picked right up where he left off to start round six. He opened with two jabs followed by a jab-jab-right hand-left hook combination. Two more power jabs discouraged Marengo even further. A jab followed by a hard right forced Marengo to hold. A left hook send Marengo down for a brief count with about a minute left in the fight. Farmer finished strong with two rights as the bout ended.

Farmer’s strong finish gave him the split decision win by the scores of 58-55 (twice). Marengo took the third card with a 57-56 score.

Promoter: Champs Management Matchmaker: Nick Tiberi Ring announcer: Larry Tornambe

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