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Malignaggi, Broner boils over in trashtalk fest

By Karl Freitag
Photos: Ed Mulholland

Yes it was tense. Yes it was hilarious. Yes it was bad taste. But if Saturday’s fight in Brooklyn between WBA welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi and WBC lightweight champion Adrien Broner is anywhere near as entertaining as their press conference of Thursday, fight fans are in for a treat.

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer opened Thursday’s final press conference in Brooklyn by urging Paul Malignaggi and Adrien Broner to focus on the fight and not talk about girlfriends, ex-girlfriends or ex-wives. “I think if they want to focus on that they’re going to do a disservice to the sport and most importantly they’re going to do a disservice to themselves,” he warned.

However, as most expected, Broner and Malignaggi didn’t listen. Here’s how it went down…


Adrien Broner: I didn’t come here to really talk trash. We did enough of that. We’re only two days out. It’s going to be fight time for me. I came up here today, it’s about business. I really wasn’t going to come up here. Honestly. I wasn’t going to come up here and talk, but that would have been disrespectful to my fans. Even the ones who hate me, they’re still my fans because they want to see me lose.

So I came up here anyway and all I wanted to say was I gotta put on a helluva show. I gotta put on a helluva show. Like I said. I’m not here to bash you Paulie. You’re a great champion. You’re a great Italian who wears hats to the side. I’m serious. You’ve got good talent. I want you to keep your day job because after this you’re not going to be relevant in boxing unless it’s with a microphone. And I’m dead serious. I’m being serious.

I will be on Saturday night a three-time world champion at the age of 23. And I gotta put on a show. You know I’ve gotta put on a show in front of the beautiful lady that’s standing to the left of me, the famous Miss Jessica. I’ve gotta put on a show in front of Jessica. This is not about her, but this is a friend of mine and our friendship is very tight.

So with that being said, I’m going to let Paulie get up here and talk his little bullshit, because at the end of the day we gotta fight Saturday. I’m gonna knock him the f__k out. He’s never been knocked out. I’m gonna knock him the f__k out.

[Talking to Paulie fans in the audience]

And after that, if these guys will stand up to fight I’ll fight them too. They can line them up in sevens and I’ll knock them out in sevens, seven, fourteen, twenty-one…


Paulie Malignaggi: I’m going to squash the Jessica stuff right now. There’s a lot of idiots in the media as well, asking me a lot of stupid questions.

[Talking to Jessica]

Jessica, anyone that dated me, how long do you say we dated? Six, seven months? Yeah. So anybody dates me that long, I don’t know how you people are with relationships out here, but anybody who dates you that long you would probably meet some family members, maybe you’ll meet my mom or something.

What’s my mother’s name Jessica? What’s my mother’s name? What’s my mother’s name? I see my mom often. What’s my mother’s name? Answer the question!

[Richard Schaefer tries to intervene]

Richard, he got to say what he wants, now I get to say what I want. What’s my mother’s name? Thank you. OK folks, stop calling this girl my ex-girlfriend. She’s someone I slept with. That was it. Okay? …let’s put this thing behind me. This was somebody I slept with. Athletes sleep with a lot of women. It’s 2013. That’s all we do!

[Broner tries to say something into another microphone]

Hey clown the mic’s off. Ringling Brothers is coming over next week. You can join them after this. Stop talking. You’re a clown.

Let’s talk about the fight now.

You’ve gotta admit it’s gotten a little crazy and stuff. I will admit that. I can take some of the blame but I can’t take all the blame. I’m sorry, you know what I’m saying? I can only apologize from my end. But at the end of the day, it seems like this guy…

This is basically how the creation of Adrian Broner happened in my opinion. They got everybody that’s wrong with boxing together in one room. Get everything that’s wrong with boxing in that room and gave birth to Adrien Broner. And you people are eating it up. There’s not much intelligence out there.

I’ll admit he’s a talented fighter. But it takes a lot more than talent to get to the top. I’ve been in so many gyms across the country and across the world, you see talented fighters who don’t make it all the time. Hanging out in those gyms, working out, they just don’t get the breaks. It ain’t about talent. A little bit of the package is talent. He’s got the talent. That’s part of the package. I’m not lying to you. What I’m saying is he don’t have the rest of the package. Let me tell you something. You’re talking about…

[Broner again tries to say something into another microphone]

Shut up! Who hears you anyway? Shut up! Gawd, shut up! You’re talking to yourself. Nobody hears you! Damn. What a clown. He’s so retarded.

You’re talking to someone who made money. You’re not talking to the chumps you’ve been fighting who have to work in the grocery store to make money. You’re fighting someone who made money in their career.

Let me get back to my train of thought.

Did anyone notice he was here about a half hour before the press conference started then he pretended he was late? Did anyone notice that? Then he shows up about an hour into the press conference like he’s trying to be fashionably late. Stop trying so hard! Just do what you gotta do and stop trying so hard because people see right through you. You’re a clown. And stop with the Floyd stutter. Again he’s talking like Floyd. Talk like yourself! It’s Okay. It’s gonna be alright. If you show people Adrien Broner, they might like you. They might. It’s got nothing to do with stuttering like Floyd.

[Talking to Broner fans in the audience]

I’ll talk about what I want and you know why? I’m a million dollar fighter. I come up here, I say what I want. That’s why you’re out there listening to me and I’m gonna say what I wanna say.

Mr. Schaefer talked about detours. Talking about how some fighters gotta take detours and some fighters don’t end up with detours. It all depends on the matchmaking. It all depends on who’s got your back. Al Haymon has taken good care of Adrien Broner and that’s why he is where he is right now. There are a lot more talented fighters in boxing than Adrien Broner but they don’t get the credit they deserve. I’m not saying he’s not talented, I’m saying Al Haymon is responsible for this creation right here.

There’s detours. The detour that he hasn’t had to take. I was a talented prospect at one time too. You know who I was rewarded with for my first world title fight? Miguel Cotto. You know who his reward was for his first title fight? Some guy Rodriguez. I can’t even remember his first name. It’s a difference. We end up on detours because of people that got our backs OK? He’s gotta thank Al Haymon. Instead of praying to God every night he’s gotta pray to Al Haymon every night to make him the creation he is. This guy is nothing. On Saturday I’m going to prove to you how much nothing he is. Nothing but talent. We get to the late rounds…

[Turns to Broner]

Remember that time in the locker room when you were getting ready to fight Ponce? We were in the locker room and you were all nervous about going the distance? You think I forgot that conversation you had with me? You think I forgot that conversation you had with me? ‘Hey Paulie, how do you go all them rounds? I never been ten rounds.’ And I had to explain to him how you go ten rounds without killing yourself, and then…

Shut up! Shut up! I’m talking. Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

So he gets to the fight and he throws about 16 punches for ten rounds, and thanks to Al Haymon he gets the decision.

I’m making you go twelve Saturday. I’m going to beat your ass.

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