Margossian responds to Maidana

Maidana’s former manager comments on allegations

As my name was mentioned, I am requesting you to include some of the comments related to the declarations of Marcos Maidana about me and our contractual relationship, so that boxing fans can have information in relation to this matter. In this regard, and taking into account the declarations of Maidana through this means and any other means in relation to his contractual situation, I want to strongly clarify that, during his stay in Las Vegas, and before his fight against Victor Cayo, Maidana had a commercial relationship with the firm Golden Boy Promotions, in accordance with the proposal of Maidana’s promoter, UNIVERSUM. He signed personally the corresponding agreements.

Afterward, the possibility of a fight against Timothy Bradley on July of this year was added to these options, with an important money offer, and Maidana had always been kept informed about these facts and personally approved the proposal. After the customary negotiations, he also approved the money offer. Then, we planned a trip to Los Angeles for a Press Conference where the event would be announced.

The next day, when we were supposed to leave, Maidana suspended the trip, declaring that he suffered a severe injury on his back that would not let him participate in this bout. This is what Maidana declared in at least three very important newspapers and/or websites of mass communication in Argentina. Therefore, at first, I believed him. But when I realized that this was not true, I talked to him more than ten times, and I asked him to tell me who called him and made him change his mind. Furthermore, I gave him all the information and all the explanations he needed. All the contracts between Universum, Golden Boy and Maidana were reasonable and were signed by the three parties.

Later, and due to reasons that I can only relate to the decision of breaching his contractual obligations, Maidana and his new friends began to insult me and offend me by means of every slander and calumny possible.

At this point, it was obvious and clear, for those who have some information related to the policy of the executive of an Association that regulates World Boxing, who have backed and encouraged the attitude of Marcos Maidana, and why they did it, in relation to me and his commercial obligations.

I will offer more information about this subject at the proper time.

I can understand his commercial reasons, but I cannot tolerate his personal actions, as we had a relationship that was built through so many years.

I will only say that the current new friends of Maidana have decided to mortgage his past, no matter what the consequences may be for his future, putting at risk his career in boxing and his assets.

I will put an end to this matter now, and I strongly believe that time will put this right into place and I will be able to show exactly who complied with his obligations and who did not.

Greetings to all of you
Mario Margossian

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