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Michael Oliveira-Omar Chavez clash October 12

By Matt Cleary
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MO Productions hosted a press conference this week at Smith & Wollensky in Miami Beach, Florida for Michael Oliveira in anticipation of his upcoming fall bout with Omar Chavez. The evening featured dinner and cocktails at one of Miami’s finest restaurants in anticipation of the planned October 12th fight between 23 year old light middleweight prospects Michael “The Brazilian Rocky” Oliveira (21-1, 16 KOs) and Omar “El Businessman” Chavez (30-2, 22 KOs). Chavez and his famous father Julio Cesar Chavez were unable to attend in person although Julio Cesar Chavez did send a taped message. Michael Oliveira is a fascinating boxer who unlike many in the sport already has wealth, sports cars, and a college education. Oliveira doesn’t fight for fortune, rather he fights for a passion and love for boxing. Throughout the evening it was stressed that although the upcoming battle would be an international Brazil vs. Mexico contest, ultimately it would be Olivera vs Chavez in the ring.

Michael “the Brazilian Rocky” Oliveira said, “I have money, sorry, there’s nothing I can do. My grandfather left it for me…thanks. When I climb into the ring, I can’t take my money in with me. The blood, sweat, tears and hard work I left in the gym come into the ring with me. My father can’t protect me in the ring.

“I’m ready to face anybody at 154 pounds. Don’t believe me? Try me! I’m not only fighting Omar, I’m fighting his brother, Julio, and their father. The whole Chavez dynasty. Mexicans love boxing like they do soccer. Yes, we are Spanish brothers, but it’ll just be me and Omar in the ring, and only one will be left standing. It’s not always easy for me because of what I have. I’ve had plenty of chances to say, screw it. I believe it you do something because you love it, it’s twice as good, and that everything in life has a purpose. I will be victorious.”

Oliveira also said that those of whom who have the best response on Instagram at would earn a free trip to Las Vegas to see the fight.

Over dinner Carlos Oliveira played videotaped remarks from Julio Cesar Chavez, who said “Unfortunately, we are not there tonight because I had eye surgery and couldn’t fly. Regarding the fight, I’m sure it’s going to be a tough fight between Michael and Omar. I hope the best fighter will win and I hope that will be my son. Brazil and Mexico are always good in soccer and this time they’re going to fight each other in the ring.”

Publicist Bob Trieger introduced the other speakers, first to speak was Dr. Allen Fields who as the main physician for Team Freedom encountered Oliveira as he turned pro after only two amateur bouts. Dr. Fields saw something special in Oliveira and believed he could someday be a world champion.

Orlando Cuellar, trainer for Oliveira, stated that Oliveira and Chavez would be on the October 12th undercard of Marquez and Bradley and that he would was promoting this fight to push it down the line and alluded that everything was done except the contract. Cuellar also touched on Oliveira’s loss to Acelino Freitas and said that Oliveira was put in fights where he may have been an underdog and not necessarily favored but he beat people he wasn’t supposed to beat and lasted 9 rounds with world champion Freitas in a fight where many didn’t expect him to give more than token opposition.

Cuellar stated, “A fighter can’t have anymore support than Michael has from his parents. It’s rare. We’re ready, they’re ready, but we’re waiting for a signed contract. We’ll see if they sign. A Michael Oliveira vs. Omar Chavez fight will be great. Michael is a no fuss, in your face style fighter. Omar is a classic Mexican fighter, fighting inside and outside. On paper it’s a fairly even fight but we’ll be the underdog. We believe Michael has what it takes to win and go to the next level. He’s looking to be the best, so he has to beat the best. Omar was born into the game but once the bell rings it won’t matter. Today, Michael is a top 10 fighter in two sanctioning bodies and that shows what he, his team and father have done.”

Oliveira’s father and promoter Carlos Oliveira stated that Michael is the #6 WBC and #7 WBA because he earned it and hammered home that he was acting as Michael’s promoter, not his father. He stated, “This is a very important moment. Right now, Michael isn’t my son. He is a professional athlete between 9-5. He works for me and I work for him. After 5, he’s my son. As a father, he’s already a champion; as a promoter, he’s on his way to being a champion. I’m a businessman. MO Productions has made an investment in Michael. I know we have a return coming. I know he will be world champion, I’m talking as his promoter, not his father. Michael has a passion for this sport and that’s why we’re behind his dream. I assure you that he will become world champion within a year. When Michael steps in the ring, I can’t help him. He is willing to accept any challenge at the 154-pound division. This fight will happen; Brazil vs. Mexico, Michael Oliveira vs. Omar Chavez. We’re Latin brothers.”

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