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Lovemore Ndou speaks

By Ray Wheatley–World of Boxing

IBO 147 pound champion Lovemore Ndou has responded to comments made by Mathew Hatton and their recent title bout in England which resulted in a drawn decision in his hometown. Ndou does not dispute that Hatton did throw more punches than he did but most of the Englishman’s blows were taken on arms and gloves. The Australian based South African is also amazed that Hatton thinks a fight between him and pound for pound legend Floyd Mayweather could be sold to the public. Ndou would be happy to fight Mayweather despite their friendship which goes back a few years ago when Floyd hired the former IBF 140 pound champion as a sparring partner. After sparring several rounds with Mayweather the current IBO title holder feels he can give the classy American the fight of his life.

Ndou said:

I must have hit that donkey harder than I thought. I see he is starting to show signs of dementia as well at such a young age. Now he is talking about how he is offering me a chance to redeem and test myself against him. Who the f*** is he? He seems to forget he is just a donkey like I said before who is living off his brother’s name. Somebody needs to remind this fool that I am the champion here. In fact a two-time world champ in two weight classes. And what has he achieved so far? So who needs who? He needs me more than I need him. In fact I don’t know what crap he is talking about because I was the first one to offer him a rematch right after our last fight and he was never keen to take it.

In regards to the punch stats I already made, it’s clear that I did not dispute that he might have thrown more punches than me but they were not landing on the target. They were either landing on my arms and gloves whereas my punches were more effective or landing on the target. And I believe that’s how fights are won. You don’t win fights by just charging forward like a footballer.

In regards to the English commentators scoring the fight in his favor, I already commented that I did not know what fight they were watching. It’s ok to be a little bias but not the way these commentators conducted themselves. Who did they think they were fooling? I mean people aren’t that dumb. They can clearly see who was winning the fight and the B.S. commentary is not gonna persuade them to think otherwise. In fact I was more disappointed with Johnny Nelson. For a former world champion and someone I always respected I have lost all respect for him. I can’t believe the shit he was saying. What fight was he watching? Or did he get punched-up so bad during his career he has lost sight and all he could now see was ‘white’. He couldn’t see the black dude that was beating up on the white dude. Maybe he now suffers from color blindness. For the little money he is getting paid to do commentary you would think he would tell things the way they are. But here is a former world champion who is selling his soul for next to nothing. He needs to realize that people are watching, listening and making their judgments. Whatever he says is a reflection to his personality and knowledge of boxing. Somebody needs to tell him that he just made a fool of himself with his bias commentary. Even my 11-year old daughter was shocked with his commentary.

Look, apart from all that, everybody knows that I went into that fight with an injury and lack of sparring. About five weeks into the fight I suffered a really nasty cut on my eyebrow which required about 5 stitches. I chose not to pull out of the fight but I had to stop sparring so as to give the cut a chance to heal. I’m not in the habit of pulling out of fights. And of course, the lack of sparring did affect my timing and sharpness but still I won that fight clearly. In fact anyone will tell you that to get a draw in England means you won the fight clearly. I have even seen foreign fighters in the past knock English fighters out and still lose the fight by disqualification or some B.S. they can come up with. And that’s why I made it clear that I won’t be going back to England for a rematch. I’m still open for a rematch but that donkey has to come to South Africa or Australia this time and get knocked the hell out. In the last fight I was very cautious because I didn’t want my cut to reopen and cost me my title but this time around it will be a different story and I can rest assure anybody that I will stop this donkey.

And what does he need a warm-up fight for? He wants a rematch then lets do it right away, otherwise I’m not gonna sit back and wait on him. I got other fights I could look at. And about him fighting Mayweather, he must be a fool to believe that Mayweather will truly fight him and anyone would buy that fight. It will be the biggest step back in Mayweather’s career. The donkey’s name was just used as some sort of negotiating tool during the Pacquaio negotiations. In fact I would make a better opponent for Mayweather than him. I have better credentials than that donkey.

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