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Paulie Malignaggi: I’ve been hit by girls who hit harder than him

By Arvin Nundloll

Paulie Malignaggi returned to the pressroom after his fight with a clearer mind but still had a lot to say. First off he clarified his comments about Tom Schreck’s scorecard.

“I was a bit emotional, I’m not trying to say Tom Schreck is in Al Haymon’s pocket but I do think hes a bit incompetent at what he was watching. I don’t know if he went into the fight with a pre disposed mentality of that ‘hey he’s (Broner) is going to in and that’s it.'”

Paulie had a lot to say about Broner, who he said didn’t hit as hard or as effective as everyone else had expected.

“I’ve been hit by girls who hit harder than him. We saw in the Ponce De Leon fight that he gets off a lot of punches so we wanted to give him even more reason to throw off a lot of punches and give him more reasons to think about the distance. He was easy to find, I felt the body shots really slowed him down. I was able to stay in front of him a lot more because he didn’t hit hard.

“There were spots where he would land a clean flurry, he would land some clean shots, some not clean shots, but whatever landed wasn’t strong enough to slow me down and a lot of it missed. I wanted him to mentally know that you’re going to be here for a while so you’d better chill, you’d better budget your punching. I know it was on his mind based on how he fought the De Leon fight. (During the fight), he basically said “you can’t hit me”, but I said “don’t be so sure about that, I’m touching you, I’m touching you.”

When asked about Broner and his impact on boxing, Malignaggi spared no expense.

“The kid is not an example for anybody. He has no manners, even after the fight he had no manners. He’s not a good person. Broner is a wannabe rapper that they gave a title to. You can change your talent, you can learn about boxing, you can become a better fighter in the gym but you’ve got no character.

I’m 32 years old, he wouldn’t have beat a 25-year-old Paulie Malignaggi. I think he’s pretty ordinary, it’s because he stands right there, he’s waiting for the return. You can bash him up to the body. He’ll tell you you’re not hitting him clean but his work ethic tells a different story. If you’re not landing clean why isn’t he punching back?”

Malignaggi also felt mistreated and that a lack of respect was shown to him throughout the promotion of the fight.

“I felt very disrespected going into the fight. I got paid less, a lot of my people couldn’t get their tickets. I don’t know who got the floor seats as no one on the undercard sold tickets I can assure you that. Nobody came for Sakio Bika, nobody came for Seth Mitchell or Johnathon Banks.

Talking about his next steps, Malignaggi remained uncertain.

“I’m going to go back and see if I feel like training again another training camp. I used to look forward to fighting, to a training camp. Now when another training camp is coming I feel like ‘aww man, the next two or three months are really going to suck,’ so I don’t know.

“It’d be cool to get a rematch.”

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