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Q&A: Carlos Negron

Photo: Courtesy PR Best Boxing Promotions
Photo: Courtesy PR Best Boxing Promotions

By Lee Bates

As evidence in this picture of Carlos Negron (4-0, 4 KOs) going on a run, he is definitely going to stand out in a crowd. If you were at a boxing event and saw Negron attending as a spectator right away one might assume that he is a college or professional basketball player rather than a professional boxer. Those who have seen him fight know that he is a fighter 100%. Though he has a towering appearance at 6’6, he speaks in a respectful and calm demeanor. However, this should not be misinterpreted for being soft as Negron fights very aggressively, putting a lot of power behind his punches.

This is very much appreciated by fans who favor action opposed to the less pleasing style of cautiously fighting at a distance that a lot of taller fighters tend to use. Negron had a very stellar amateur career compiling a 93-9 record and represented Puerto Rico in the 2008 Olympic games. He is off to a fast start as professional stopping all of his opponents inside the distance. Fightnews caught up with Negron as he was finishing up a training session in preparation for his upcoming September 12th bout. He spoke on having world champion stablemates, easily choosing boxing over basketball, and a goal of making Puerto Rican history.

Being signed with PR Best Boxing (Ivan & Peter Rivera), you have world champion stablemates in Juan “Juanma” Manuel Lopez, Ivan “Iron Boy” Calderon, Ramon “Rocky” Martinez, and Jose “Carita” Lopez. What impact is this having on the early part of your career?

They all are extremely helpful to me. It really motivates me in training seeing what they have achieved as I to want to be a champion one day.

At 6’6 you obviously are going to have a major height and reach advantages over almost any opponent you face. What weight division do you see yourself campaigning at in the long run?

I’ve been fighting in the low and mid 180’s but I can make 175 pounds. Especially if it were for a title. I’m only 22-years-old but at my height the odds are likely that I will end up fighting at heavyweight one day as I become older and my body fills out.

Speaking of your height, was basketball ever something you thought of pursuing as a career?

I begin boxing at the age of 10 so it was in my life early. I played basketball growing up and enjoyed it but boxing has always been my passion from the beginning making it the easy choice over basketball.

In your last fight you were knocked down for the first time in your career. What are your thoughts now that you’ve had time to reflect on it?

Though I was knocked down I never was in serious trouble. Several world champions have been knocked down early in their careers but picked themselves up and won their fights. It was a lesson learned for me that I have to be extremely alert at all times. The important thing was that I got up as a champion would and won the fight.

What goals have you set for yourself to accomplish in your career?

I would like to be the first Puerto Rican born fighter to win one or both the light heavyweight and cruiserweight world titles and the heavyweight world title. That would be a major accomplishment.

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