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Q&A: Cedric Kushner


By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

Legendary boxing promoter Cedric Kushner tells why he is looking forward to the long awaited all-New Zealand heavyweight collision between David Tua, whom he promotes, and countryman Shane Cameron on October 3rd in Hamilton, New Zealand. Cedric explains why Duco Events are promoting this great heavyweight clash, says that Tua has great skills besides outstanding power, questions the quality of recent Cameron opponents and believes that New Zealand boxing fans can look forward to outstanding boxing promotions in the future.

You are regarded as one of the outstanding promoters in the history of boxing and currently promote former world heavyweight challenger David Tua who will feature in the biggest fight in New Zealand boxing history when he will clash with world heavyweight contender Shane Cameron. Please tell me why Duco Events are promoting this fight.

Your description of me is very flattering. However, any success that I have had over the years has been due to hard work and some good fighters. There is an old adage in which I prescribe to, “Hard work begets luck,” You ask why Duco Events are promoting this fight. There are a few simple answers. First and foremost, they are a top rate promotional company in New Zealand. Although this is their first foray into the boxing business, they have been involved in other high level promotions with the likes of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, as well as Sir Bob Geldof.

There is also a reality that no matter who you are, you require competent local people to do some of the legwork. Based on my dealings with Duco, I believe that should they so desire, they will become a force in boxing in that part of the world.

David Tua is one of the best punchers in the heavyweight division. Will this make him favorite to defeat Shane Cameron?

It is correct to say that David Tua is one of the most feared punchers in the heavyweight division. But it would also be incorrect to not recognize Tua’s boxing skills as well. He is far from just a puncher. Tua is favored over Cameron because of his punching power, boxing skills, and experience.

Tua has been inactive for two years – will this work against him as Cameron has been active?

It is true that David has not fought in a while and that Cameron has had more activity than David. But the question becomes activity against whom?

It has been reported Tua’s trainer Roger Bloodworth has The Tuaman in great shape and he’s down to 250lbs. Bloodworth is regarded as one of the best trainers in the world. What would Tua’s approximate weight be on October 3rd?

I don’t want to take anything away from Roger Bloodworth, who is everything you say, and a dear friend of mine. However, David has been training for many months with the best fitness coach in New Zealand, Lee Perore. I don’t know what David’s weight will be on October 3rd, but I do know that months of conditioning with Lee and two months of training a significant amount of time with Roger in the boxing gym will have him prepared for anything come October 3rd.

After the Cameron fight – what’s next for David Tua?

Hopefully another fight before the end of the year and then an all out assault on the world heavyweight championship next year in 2010.

Who do you regard as the best heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, Vitali Klitschko or Nikolai Valuev?

All three have what David Tua wants, a world heavyweight championship.

World heavyweight contender Kali Meehan will clash with Australian heavyweight champion John Hopoate on Tua vs Cameron and is hopeful of meeting the winner.. Will that fight happen?

The honest answer is in the last answer. Tua wants the world heavyweight championship.

Any comments you’d like fight fans to know.

To David Tua’s and Shane Cameron’s New Zealand fans, this could be the beginning of some big fights in New Zealand. The response has been overwhelming. However, with the fight being televised around the world, both fighters are going to have a lot more fans at the end of the day.

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