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Undefeated junior welterweight world champion Timothy ‘Desert Storm’ Bradley (27-0, 11 KOs) of Palm Springs, California defeated previously unbeaten Devon Alexander ‘The Great’ (27-1, 13 KOs) of Saint Louis, Missouri via technical decision after Alexander could not continue from the effects of an unintentional head butt in the tenth round this past January on HBO’s ‘World Championship Boxing’ at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan and once again unified the WBC and WBO junior welterweight titles.

Prior to his to his unification bout with Devon Alexander, Timothy Bradley moved up in weight to challenge then undefeated welterweight contender Carlos ‘El Potro’ Abregu (29-1, 23 KOs) of Argentina winning a 12-round unanimous decision this past July at the Agua Caliente Casino in Rancho Mirage, California.

Fightnews caught up with Timothy Bradley to talk to him about his last fight, his future plans and a lot more, here’s what he had to say:

It’s been a few months since your last fight, are you currently preparing for your next fight and what does Timothy Bradley do when he’s not in the ring?

Well, we just got back from vacation and we’ve just been relaxing and enjoying the time off. My wife is pregnant so I’ve just been spending time with her and my kids but I’m always staying in shape though, always working out in between fights. Right now we’re just waiting on hearing from my manager Cameron Dunkin to see what’s next.

There’s a lot of talk about you possibly facing Amir Khan next, how close is that fight to being made and if that’s the fight being offered, is that the fight you’d like next?

Well, I haven’t seen a contract and I haven’t heard anything about it from my manager Cameron Dunkin or spoken to anybody about it so I really don’t know who we’re fighting next. You know I’ll fight anybody and that’s definitely a fight I would love to fight, you know I’ll fight anybody, any place, any time. I don’t have to chase anybody, I’m the number one fighter at 140 and if someone at 140 wants to fight me and it makes sense then let’s do it and Amir Khan makes sense so if he’s next then lets do it.

This past weekend Amir Khan faced Paul McCloskey; did you happen see the fight and if you did, give us your thoughts on his performance?

Yes, I saw and Amir better not fight me like that, lets put it that way, if he does he’s going to have a hard time in there with me. Amir Khan said that in his fight with McCloskey he wanted to have a better performance than I did in my fight against a world class opponent in Devon Alexander and he had the same type of performance if not worse, he didn’t do any better against a contender, not even a contender. I didn’t even know who Paul McCloskey was, a journeyman or something; I don’t know what he was. He didn’t look that impressive either and I fought against world class opposition and people say it was a boring fight but my performance was good. He fought against a journeyman and his performance was ok and that should tell the boxing world that Amir Khan isn’t ready for me, he’s not ready.

A couple weeks ago we saw a ‘Fight of the Year’ candidate in the junior welterweight division between Erik Morales and Marcos Maidana, what did you think about their performance?

Those guys aren’t ready for me, don’t get me wrong the fight was phenomenal; I haven’t seen boxing like that in years. To be honest with you, it was a very entertaining fight and I really loved it, it seems like boxing is coming back, there’s been a lot of upsets, it’s great. As far as Morales or Maidana fighting me, I don’t think they’re ready for me, I honestly don’t but if they want to get another loss on their record well then they can come see me.

Speaking of coming back, Zab Judah recently won the IBF junior welterweight title is he a possible opponent and give us your thoughts on Zab Judah?

Zab Judah is definitely another possible opponent, we’re definitely looking at all avenues and he’s definitely one of them. I actually spoke to Zab Judah the other day and congratulated him, he definitely did a great job and he’s a changed man, he’s following Christ now and that’s great. I told him at the end of our conversation, sooner or later you never know me and he could be fighting each other, you never know, we’re in the same weight class and if we do may the best man win. Zab is a very nice guy, I never talked to him before, but I had an opportunity to and I got to say a few words to him.

Prior to your fight against Devon Alexander, you made your welterweight debut against Carlos Abregu, we saw a great fight take place this past weekend in another candidate for ‘Fight of the Year’ between Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto, is moving back up to welterweight an option that you’re exploring right now and is Victor Ortiz someone you’d be interested in facing next?

Right now I want to take care of business at 140. Going up to 147 isn’t in the picture right now; taking care of business at 140 is priority. Like I said before, I’ve never ducked from anyone and I want to fight the best but I want to dominate at 140, be the king at 140 and dominate the division and be the best at 140 without a doubt. To be honest with you I didn’t think Victor Ortiz had it in him to beat Andre Berto but hey Victor rose and he proved to everybody that he does have heart and he can fight and I take my hat off to him. Andre Berto is a good friend of mine but I have to take my hat off to Victor Ortiz for fighting the way he fought and getting the victory.

In your last fight against Devon Alexander did you think the fight was going to be a lot tougher than it actually was or you made it seem and in your opinion do you feel Devon Alexander should have or could have continued, give us your thoughts on your last fight?

Ya, definitely I thought the fight was going to be a lot tougher than what it was. I did what I had to do and I got the victory, maybe the fight wasn’t that entertaining but stylistically that’s the way the fight matched up. I mean I can’t make anybody fight and sometimes you get fighters in there like for instance Ander Berto and Victor Ortiz. I think since it’s a world championship fight that he should have continued, I don’t think he should have stopped. I think he just tried to take the easy way out and maybe he thought he was ahead on the cards and he wasn’t but I know he didn’t want to be in there, he did not want to be in the ring, he wanted out so he took the easy way out and it back fired in his face because everyone saw it different and everyone saw that he quit. Me as warrior, me a as a fighter, I’ll never quit; I’ll fight to the end. I’ve always known that Devon couldn’t beat me, he was talking a lot and we were going back and forth but that’s just part of it. I kind of took it personal with some of the comments he made but now after the fight with Alexander everything’s all good now, but I felt good beating him and I proved to everyone in the world that I’m one of the best fighters at 140. A lot of people said I was ducking Devon and I’ve never ducked anyone, the fight happened and I won the fight.

In closing, is there a message you’d like to send to all the boxing fans?

To all the boxing fans out there, I just want to let them know that I’m going to continue being the best that I can be, come in to each fight 110%, continue to win every single fight and I’m looking forward to fighting again on July 23rd, I’m not sure who yet but once we find out the fans and the media will know and I just want to thank everyone for their support.

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