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Q&A: Tomasz Adamek

By Przemyslaw Garczarczyk

It started as a short interview with WBC champion Vitaly Klitschko about his plans, and ended with Klitschko criticizing Polish heavyweight contender Tomasz Adamek (42-1, 27 KO) for words Adamek insists he never said. Adamek clears the air and talks about HBO, David Haye’s last fight, his upcoming fight with Vinny Maddalone and Roy Jones Jr.

You don’t care about fighting for championship belts?

In his last interview, Vitali Klitschko said that I was wrong suggesting that title belts have the same worth as my regular belts holding my pants in place, but I never said that. I know what belts mean for a fighter. I defended them in the light heavyweight (WBC) and cruiserweight division (IBF). What I said is that more and more fights are made for the “People’s Belt,” when the two fighters most wanted by the fans meet in the ring.

Like Mayweather deciding against WBA belt when he fought Shane Mosley or the Bernard Hopkins–Kelly Pavlik fight when “only” pride was on stake.

There are more examples, but yes, exactly. Too many times fighters are fighting because of politics and money connections, not their actual value. Vitali was also talking about our possible March fight, great interest from HBO who wants this to happen and not so great interest to show the American public Vitali Klitschko versus whoever wins the Odlanier Solis-Ray Austin eliminator. We both know that our encounter will be a great fight, different fighters with different styles in the ring, but there’s still time to think about it. For now, I have to think about Vinny Maddalone at the Prudential Center on December 9. I have no idea what will happen next, especially if Vitali will have to keep his mandatory WBC title defense.

During a recent HBO event at Prudential Center in Newark you met Roy Jones Jr. It started with a ringside photo and now there are rumors about a possible fight.

This is an option if Vitali will not be available. Roy is one of the best known fighters in the US. Polish fans always adored him for his special style. He was also one of my favorite fighters. This is an option for us both, but I really cannot talk about it.

When we were talking about another possibility for 2011, David Haye bout with HBO’s Max Kellerman, you suggested that maybe you should be at least twice on the floor versus Maddalone for Hayemaker to fight you…

Two could be not enough. Maybe three.

Did you see the Haye-Harrison fight?

What fight? Just the first round. After three minutes I knew what was going on and didn’t want to waste my time. It had nothing to do with boxing, even less with championship boxing. It’s a shame because we will kill boxing this way; people will start to think that this is normal. It’s not.

As a boxer, are you for withholding purses when something like this happens?

Very delicate subject because there is a very thin line between not being able to fight and not wanting to fight. If you do something very blatant, very obvious, just show up to pick up a check, why not? Our fans are paying hard earn money to see us giving everything we have. We owe them our best even when we lose. We need to show our best effort.

Are you tired that everybody, me included, is asking you about 2011 before your Vinny Maddalone fight?

I understand this business now, so not really. On the other hand, some people think it will be easy. Not me. The same was said before Michael Grant fight and he fought his best twelve rounds in the decade, it was tough. Same could happen to Vinny and I have to be prepared for that. It’s not a lip service; this is the way we – me and my trainer Roger Bloodworth – think every day of my already six-week-old training camp.

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