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Silva edges Dominguez!

By Eric Duran at ringside

Jim ‘Smitty’Smith and Poor Boys presented, “St Paddy’s Punch Out,” which included live boxing coupled with an auction for members of the Denver Athletic Club on Tuesday night. In the main event, Colorado super flyweight prospect Joey Silva (9-1) returned to action following his first professional loss 9 months ago to take a split decision over Francisco Dominguez (6-4-1) of Juarez, Mexico.

Silva-Dominguez can be earmarked for a fight of the year candidate, as local prospect returned to action following the first loss of his young career. The tone was set from the opening bell as Silva was determined to control the fight, snapping his southpaw jab followed by straight lefts to keep his opponent at bay. Dominguez stayed calm and stalked his way into Silva’s space, digging left hooks into the side of Silva’s body. In the final 20 seconds of round one, Dominguez drills Silva with a straight right that has Silva out on his feet. Fortunately, Silva is able to survive the round albeit due to the bell. The damage comes late but it’s enough to win the opening round for Dominguez.

Still on shaky legs, Silva lays on the ropes to tries to catch his breath and regain his marbles in round two. Dominguez puts together a vicious body attack and wins the round.

Silva finds his legs in the third and begins to show his superior boxing skills, catching Dominguez on the inside with uppercuts. It’s a lead right hook that is doing the most damage for Silva as the slow handed Dominguez is unable to block the quick fisted southpaw. The third is the first Silva wins on the RMB/FightNews card.

Silva is beginning to take over, hitting Dominguez at will. Working behind a solid jab, Silva is able to pinpoint shots onto a defensive Dominguez. Other than an occasional left hook to the body, Dominguez is being kept at bay. Silva has control of the fight and evens the score at two round apiece.

More of the same in round five, after a shaky first round Silva has settled into a rhythm, like a great musician hitting every note in the recording booth. Dominguez’s pace has visibly slowed almost to a standstill as Silva places picture perfect combinations all over ‘Panchito’.

The final stanza sees great back and forth action, as Dominguez has returned to what gave him some early success, stalking Silva down with punishing lefts hooks to the body. Silva isn’t backing down, giving as much as he is taking. The crowd is on their feet as both fighters bite down on the mouth pieces and put everything they have left into punching. Dominguez comes back to take the final round.

We go to the score cards and the judges award Silva a split decision, improving his record to 9-1 while Dominguez drops to 6-4-1.

In heavyweight action, Chris “Da Future” Green stepped into the ring after his crushing victory over Kenny Lemos in December. He took on winless 0-8 Ross Brantley of Dallas, Texas.

The first is slow as both fighters are cautious about letting their hands go. Brantley circles the ring as Green follows, occasionally flicking out a slow jab. Whenever Brantley stops, Green attacks with some steady jabs but nothing behind them. When Green closes the distance, Brantley puts together a flurry and then holds.

Green is more aggressive in the second as he figures Brantley can only hurt him if he catches him with something he doesn’t see. Midway through the round, Green catches Brantley with a counter right hand that sends the Texan crashing to the ground. Green goes in for the finish but Brantley is able to slip and hold. Green takes the first two rounds, the second a 10-8er with the knockdown.

Brantley is in survival mode having tasted the pure power of Green, but to my surprise, Green isn’t doing much to end the fight. Even though former heavyweight contender Davarryl Williamson pleads with Green to step up the action, Green instead continues to follow Brantley around the ring and pick his spots to do damage.

Green is a little more aggressive in the final round but still isn’t looking for the knockout, instead lunging at Brantley with lead left hooks.

Green is your winner by unanimous decision, sweeping the scorecards, improving his record to 6-3-1.

Jr. welterweight prospect Brad Jackson was forced to face late sub Orlando Soto when original opponent Dustin Guillemin informed promoter Jim ‘Smitty’ Smith that he intends to hang up his gloves to become a priest.

In relatively quick fashion, a straight right hand from Jackson puts Soto on his back. After the mandatory 8 count, Jackson’s follow up attack prompts the referee to call an end to the bout at 1:43 of the first round.

Jackson improves to 9-0-1 with the victory.

Also in action was Isaac “The Ice Man” Atencio, of the fighting Atencio family, taking on Augustine Leal of South Dakota

Atencio pounces on his opponent, ripping 3 punch combinations. A left hook puts Leal on the canvass, but he’s able to beat the count and continue. Moments later Leal again finds himself looking up at the lights, trying to beat the ref’s count. He beats it but the end is near as Atencio smells blood and goes for the kill. The end comes at 2:00 of round 2.

Atencio improves to 2-0 with the victory.

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