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Sonny Boy Jaro intensifies training

By Chito Yu Katangkatang

What will you do if you are a boxer considered by many as washed up and way over your prime, with an unimpressive record, having a hard time feeding your family and suddenly becomes a world champion? Will you kill yourself in training camp just to stay where you are or will you just seize the moment let your fate be another Cinderella tale?

WBC flyweight champion Sonny Boy Jaro stands on the above described ground and nothing is stopping him from rising to live his dream. Set to face mandatory challenger Toshiyuki Igarashi in Japan this July 16, Jaro is training himself like a mad dog in the mountains of Binangonan Rizal and at his home stable. More than a month before the fight, the defending champion looks ripped and ready to fight anytime.

His training camp is being headed by the same man who manages and guides his boxing career, Aljoe Jaro. Jaro acts as his trainer, conditioning coach and nutritionist. “Nobody has ever trained me like Kuya Aljoe (Jaro). His training style cannot be found in books. He does it his own way. He is gifted as a coach and is a very effective mentor. We conquered the odds against Thai Legend Pongsaklek Wonjongkam. I have no doubt we will do better in Japan for my first defense. I know we’re fighting on hostile grounds, I cannot let the fight go twelve rounds. I need to knock him out and not depend on the score cards”, Sonny Boy stated.

In preparing his ward, Aljoe Jaro has been doing his own version of Plyometrics and other conditioning exercises never before seen in conventional training camps. This scribe has seen huge wooden logs in the gym and has wondered what they were for but the Aljoe simply winked and said, “They are designed to knock Igarashi out”.

“Sonny Boy runs the mountains of Binangonan, a place that is more steep than Griffith Park but with fresher air. He trains with the help of fellow champion Denver Cuello who also spars with him. Igarashi is good and fighting in his home turf is an advantage. But Sonny Boy’s preparation will negate any advantage. We have been used to winning championship belts in enemy land. Sonny Boy grabbed the belt in Thailand and Cuello won his belt in Mexico. This is just another fight for our team. I am more confident now because of the dedication that Sonny Boy is showing during training. He is hungry and he will remain champion for a longer time than what everybody thinks”, Aljoe Jaro told philboxing.

In closing, Sonny Boy exclaimed, “I got my titles through hard work and a proper game plan. I won’t let anybody just get it from me. The world will be stunned to see a new and reinvented version of Sonny Boy Jaro. The unique training methods done by my trainer and manager have turned me into a new kind of monster. I have never been this confident. I am also proud to say that I have never been as focused and dedicated in my life. I am doing this for my family and my children’s future. Plus I want to give honor to our country by joining the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Pancho Villa, Frank Cedeno, Ben Villaflor, Erbito Salavarria and the great Flash Elorde who are the only Pinoy boxers crowned with the Ring Magazine belt. I hope that you will pray for me in the same way I’ve been invoking God’s blessing.”

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