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St. Paddy’s Day Punch Out Results

By Chris Morris/Rocky Mountain Boxing

Jim ‘Smitty’ Smith and Poor Boy Pro Boxing put on a good show for a great cause Friday night. In the main event, super featherweight Elan Simon outlasted Martin Quezada for a majority decision win. The undercard saw Hugo Arceo continue his knockout streak while Rudy ‘Phatsoe’ Zapata was put to the test by Juan Ramos. Antonio Diaz dropped and nearly stopped Nick Bushman in jr. welterweight action.

Elan Simon overcame a 6 inch height and reach disadvantage to win a majority decision over Martin Quezada. The super featherweights went right to work in the first round with the tall and rangy Quezada looking to land big bombs from the very start. Simon was able to land an occasional overhand right but Quezada loaded up on left hooks and won the round on the RMB/FightNews card.

Simon, 127, picked up the pace in the second landing to the body and head in combination. Quezada, 127.4, throws every punch with bad intentions but the wild misses are quickly draining his energy. Simon lands a hard 1-2 mid round that sends Quezada back on his heels. Quezada fires back with a double jab and right hand that lands with a thud. Quezada misses badly with a lead uppercut from long distance while Simon finishes strong with a flurry of punches to win the round.

Simon begins to find a home for his left hook as he lands it twice in a row flush on the face of Quezada. Quezada starts looking to establish his jab on the shorter man. Simon concentrates on the body which would pay dividends down the road. Simon is busier and wins the round.

Simon is getting inside the long reach of Quezada and negating the height and reach advantage by the fourth round. Quezada throws his own hooks to the body but gets caught with a left hook to the liver that forces him to a knee near round’s end, giving Simon the 10-8 round on the RMB/FightNews card.

Quezada knows he needs to even the score and he is swinging for the fences with every shot, but there simply isn’t enough in the tank to make the shots count as Simon walks through them and lands combinations of his own. Quezada switches to the southpaw stance and lands a couple of nice left hooks and a straight right but Simon is relentless in his attack and wins the round and fight on the RMB/FightNews card 49-45.

Jeanne McEvoy scores it even at 47-47 but is overruled by Tyrone Short and Woody Kislowski who each score the bout 48-46. Elan Simon remains undefeated at 2-0-1, 1KO while Martin Quezada falls to 2-4, 2KOs.

In heavyweight action Hugo Arceo made very quick work of George Ashauer dropping him three times in the opening round. Arceo, 239, lands a straight right on Ashauer, 250, who is a southpaw. He follows that up with a pair of hooks to the body and Ashauer goes down. Ashauer is up at 8 but right back down from the very next punch a straight right on the chin. Ashauer gets up and tries to clear his head while circling and jabbing. Arceo steps in with a left hook to the body crumbling Ashauer to the canvass and forcing referee Curtis Thrasher to wave it off at 1:55 of the first round.

Hugo Arceo has power in both hands and runs his record to a perfect 3-0 with all wins coming by knock out in the first round. Ashauer opens his career at 0-1.

Welterweight Antonio Diaz was too much for Nick Bushman dropping him twice en route to an easy decision win. Diaz, 146, begins the fight firing his straight right and left hook on the southpaw Bushman, 145, who is very awkward. Bushman barrels in with left hands but walks into a counter right hand. Both men are game and let their hands go. Diaz times a counter left hook over a straight left from Bushman that hurts him. He follows up with a barrage of punches that send Bushman down. He is up at 5 as the bell rings to end the round.

Both men seem to take a breather in the second as the pace slows considerably. Bushman continues to throw lead left hands but can’t seem to land them. Diaz lands a few hooks to the body and Bushman finishes the round with two punches landed to the head. RMB/FightNews scores the round even at 10-10.

Diaz gets back on track in the third landing his straight right and left hook combination with regularity. Bushman tries to time him coming in and land punches while back peddling but most are caught on the gloves. Diaz wins the round on his elevated activity. The fourth round is more of the same as Diaz continues landing the straight right and left hook. Bushman is game but quickly becoming winded as Diaz comes on strong. Diaz forces him to the ropes where he bangs away at the body. Bushman hits survival mode but takes a right hand and left hook that hurt him badly and he goes down. Diaz wins the round and fight on the RMB/FightNews card 40-35.

Judges ringside score it a shutout as well with Woody Kislowski scoring it the same 40-35. Jeanne McEvoy and Tyrone Short see it 40-34. Diaz gets his second win by decision setting him at 2-0 while Bushman remains unwon at 0-3.

Rudy ‘Phatsoe’ Zapata was lucky to escape with a win over Juan Ramos in heavyweight action as Ramos proved to be a tougher test than was expected. Zapata won his debut stopping Isaiah Barela in the first round less than a month ago.

Zapata, 239, has pretty fast hands for a heavyweight and he lands a quick lead left hook to start the fight. He is also able to split the high guard of Ramos, 213, with a sharp jab. Ramos is able to force him back to the ropes where he bangs away at the body. He gets Zapata’s attention with hard right hands. Zapata wins the round with his jab.

Zapata continues to land the jab in the second but allows himself to be caught in the ropes where Ramos does his best work. Zapata shakes his head ‘no’ after every landed punch but Ramos isn’t discouraged and continues to come forward and throw punches. Zapata lands a jab and walks off to wind up his right hand, showboating. Zapata lands a nice uppercut inside as Ramos traps him in the corner and lands a couple of hard right hands. Zapata wins the round on the RMB/FightNews card.

Ramos comes on strong in the third pinning Zapata in the ropes and banging away. While some are blocked by the gloves of Zapata many sneak through and land with good effect. Zapata throws his hands up and sticks out his tongue and chin after Ramos lands, a very dangerous habit while in punching range. Ramos lands a hard left hook and is just busier to win the round.

Ramos is shooting the straight right to close the distance and then fires off hooks to the body once inside. Zapata lands a nice uppercut off the ropes but Ramos isn’t deterred. Zapata is content to lay in the ropes allowing Ramos to do his work inside. Ramos lands a left hook lead that gets Zapata’s attention. The round is very close but Ramos edges it out on the RMB/FightNews card with his work rate.

RMB/FightNews sees the fight as a draw at 38-38 with the first two rounds going to Zapata and the last two to Ramos. Jeanne McEvoy agrees as her card reads 38-38 but is overruled by Tyrone Short who scores it 39-37 and Woody Kislowski who somehow scores it one sided at 40-36.

Zapata improves to 2-0, 1KO while Ramos loses his first fight falling to 1-1-1, 1KO. A showdown between Zapata and Kenny Lemos could be in the works for May.

There were also two spirited exhibition bouts. One featured Terry Buterbaugh, complete with a kilt for the holiday, and Daniel Calzada. The other was a female bout with DJ Morrison going three with Raquel Pennington.

The Denver Athletic Club’s Mile High Squash for Youth was the beneficiary of the event which included many sports memorabilia auctions with 100% of the proceeds going to the cause. Two eye catching items auctioned were a pair of autographed ‘Smokin’ Joe Frazier trunks which went for $375 and an autographed glove by Larry Holmes which brought in $500.

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