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Tony Thompson: I’m going to go home and break my wife’s hip

Photo: Scott J. Raven

Following his second consecutive KO win over David Price, ageless heavyweight contender Tony “The Tiger” Thompson was still pumped up during his postfight interview with British television. Here are some highlights:

“He scared the hell out of me. But it brought the f**king best out of me! Can you say f**k?” (Announcer: “Not really, but don’t worry, we’ll let it fly.”)

“This leaves me looking for title shots, or if I don’t get title shots, fights for the title. I would love to fight Tyson Fury over here, or in Vegas or anywhere that big pussy wants to fight. He’s been mouthing off about me, my age, whatever, Tyson Fury let’s get it on man! Or if I can’t get him in the ring, because I know he’s going to run, c’mon Vitali, you’re fighting guys you know ain’t got no shot to beat you. Fight some guys with height and experience like myself!”

(Regarding his losses to Wladimir Klitschko): “I got beat by the best in the world, and as you’ve seen, if you take one step below the best, which I think David is, he’s just a step below, you’re not going to beat me because I’m over that step. I prove that time and time again.”

“I’m going to go home and break my wife’s hip. I ain’t had sex with her in awhile. She’s going to feel the pain. It’s going be some pleasure mixed in there, but she might be crippled in the morning so if anyone wants to donate a wheelchair to the ‘Save the Mrs. Thompson Fund’…”

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