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WBC Convention Day 2 Notes

During a preliminary discussion on day 2 of the 47th WBC World Convention in Jeju, South Korea, President Jose Sulaiman made clear the WBC’s intentions to enter the world of amateur boxing. The idea of supporting amateur boxing through funding, instruction, sponsoring tournaments, leading toward a “World Cup,” was commented on by the gathered board of governors and promoters first with mixed feelings. While many felt it was an endeavor to support, others felt it to be an uphill battle with the existing amateur boxing powers that are AIBA, USA Boxing as well as other national amateur organizations throughout the world. Commented President Sulaiman, “The WBC is a reformer. AIBA is a monopoly. If AIBA wants to shake hands- fine. If AIBA wants war- they’ll have war!”

Sulaiman wants to reform several aspects of the sport which have been a black eye to the sport, such as the computerized scoring system. “This scoring system that exists is broke. Can you imagine a judge of my age generation trying to press the red or blue button quickly along with two other judges?” With that, Sulaiman demonstrated a very slow hand motion in pressing an imaginary scoring button. Along with amateur boxing, the WBC wants to develop novice professional through four, six and eight round tournaments.
The board unanimously supported moving forward with the WBC’s planning phase of their entry into amateur boxing world.


Next up, the WBC’s entry into live webcasts of boxing in hi-def was introduced by President Sulaiman and presented by Gianni Armetta from Milan, Italy. Armetta, the technical brains behind and, explained very technical aspects of Suljos t.v. use in easy to understand terms, including the use of a decoder for transmission to your television screen, remote control use, selection of live, on demand, PPV and archived material. Several sample fights were shown such as the recent controversial WBC Cruiserweight title fight between champion Giacobbe Fragomeni and Krzysztof Wlodarczyk. Other sports beyond boxing would be available. Logging on is free, outside of possible PPV fees for specified events. President Sulaiman wants to give the business of promoting a fight on Suljos.t.v to the boxing promoters. “We need to open this network to the knowledge of as many internet users as possible. Talks are also talks underway to offer this new format in such areas as mobile devices like the iPhone.


Ratings committee vice-chairman Claude Jackson was unanimously appointed to International Secretary.


WBC Heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko made a video presentation to the assembly. In it Klitschko sent his best wishes to the convention delegates and his regrets or his absence in lieu of training for his next defense in Switzerland on December 12 against Kevin “Kingpin” Johnson. “I have great pride in being WBC champion. I wish all of you in Jeju a great convention. Even though my body is not there with you, my soul is.”

Former champion Mike Tyson also sent a video greeting to the WBC convention as well. In it, Tyson thanked the WBC for their support throughout his career and wished the delegates a successful convention.


President Sulaiman said the planned unveiling of the Rocky Marciano statue in the undefeated former champ’s hometown of Brockton, MA will take place at the end of May, 2010.

Before the ratings session convened, President Sulaiman made a sad announcement that legendary referee Lou Filippo has passed away. The gathering stood for a ten count issued by Sulaiman in Filippo’s memory.


Finally, the ratings meeting took place, much to the appreciation of the promoters in attendance. Chaired by Frank Quill of Australia, ratings from Heavyweight down to Strawweight were debated.

Heavyweight: Recent title challenger Chris Arreola was unanimously voted to be suspended from the ratings for six months by virtue of his foul mouthed tirade after his one-sided loss to champion Vitali Klitschko last September 26th. Prior mandatory challenger Juan Carlos Gomez re-entered the rankings at #15.

Cruiserweight: No changes

Lightheavyweight: No changes

Super Middleweight: Marcus Johnson moves from #21 to #13, supplanting previous #13 Curtis Stevens.

Middleweight: Mahir Oral moves from #18 to #10.

Super Welterweight: No Changes

Welterweight: No Changes

Super Lightweight: Souleymane M’Baye moves from #11 to #10. Josesito Lopez moves from #13 to #11. Prawet Singwancha moves from #8 to #6.

Lightweight: John Murray from #13 to #8. Mlungisi Dlamini moves from #10 to #9, swapping places with Kengo Nagashima.

Super Featherweight: WBC International champion Roy Mukhlis moves from #5 to #4. Jason Litzau jumps up to #6 from #13. Sergey Gulyakevitch moves from #3 to #2, swapping places with OPBF champ Takashi Uchiyama.

Featherweight: No changes

Super Bantamweight: Leon Moore re-enters the super bantamweight division at #7. NABF champ Victor Fonseca moves from #11 to #4.

Bantamweight: Alvaro Perez moves from #12 to #10. Mikio Yasuda moves from #15 to #13.

Super Flyweight: WBC International champ Silvstre Lopez moves from #20 to #15. Kohei Kon moves from #4 to #2, swapping places with Daigo Nakahiro.

Flyweight: No changes

Light Flyweight: No changes

Minimumweight: WBC International champion Denver Cuello moves from #3 to #1. ABCO champion Pigmy Kokietgym moves from #6 to #4.


World Boxing Cares, the charitable arm of the WBC that donates everything from time, toys, school supplies and more to sick, orphaned, underprivileged children of the world, today visited the Hongik Welfare Children’s Center, and orphanage on Jeju Island. WBC Welterweight champion Andre Berto and recent Super Middleweight title challenger Andre Dirrell joined in on the visit, donating gifts, posing for photos, shadow boxing, and enjoying spending time with the children. The visit was organized and attended by WBC chairperson Jill Diamond, as well as several members of the WBC family and this writer’s wife, Wendy Newman.

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