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Why my son hates boxing

By Joe Koizumi

My son is a 29-year-old car engineer working for Toyota, living in Toyota city adjacent to Nagoya (the third biggest city in Japan). When there is a boxing show in Nagoya, I meet my son to have a dinner as he drives his Toyota car from Toyota for an hour. I often advised him to meet at a boxing arena, or watch boxing bouts together. My son shows definitely no interest in watching the sweet science that I ardently love. Why not? I asked him why he dislikes boxing.

My son simply says, “When I was a boy, you always watched some boxing video at home even at dinner. The television screen showed a bloody boxer close up with a profusely bleeding cut in the corner. I hated seeing blood, so happened to hate boxing.”

I have been a boxing addict since my childhood, since my relative was a sponsor to a boxing club and I used to play at the gym. I got accustomed to seeing blood (though it might be strange), having frequently watched nose-bleeding boxers and eyebrow-cut fighters. I don’t mind blood at all as I sometimes serve as cutman even now.

After I heard my son’s surprisingly negative comment, I began to carefully watch boxing bouts on television with a different thought. I simply wonder why the TV camera so emphatically show close ups of a cut of a boxer who is being treated by a cutman in the corner. Who shows interest in such a scene? Only boxing people that watch another cornerman’s work for reference and limited blood-thirsty persons. A majority of TV watchers don’t wish to watch any bloody scene.

In short, maybe a television camera should refrain from closing up a grotesquely bloodied gash during a recess, which might decrease certain TV watchers such as ladies, or young boys or girls. With their strong rejection to watching our noble art, AKA “blood sport,” boxing will become less and less popular with decreasing TV ratings. I have been a TV commentator for thirty years, but was stupid enough to have ignored such a simple logic. Worldwide TV people, what do you think?

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